Estee Lauder Launches A New Double Wear Foundation, Internet Has A Meltdown 

Estee Lauder Launches A New Double Wear Foundation, Internet Has A Meltdown 
Double Wear Nude Fresh Foundation

There’s foundation, and there’s foundation. The former is just stuff you put on your face that looks vaguely like skin. The latter, well, that’s a whole other ball game. A good foundation both conceals redness and blemishes and yet manages somehow to still appear radiant and as if it isn’t there at all. It won’t make your face look greasy, nor powdery. And best of all? A great foundation won’t be gobbled up by your skin and disappear a mere few hours after you’ve applied it.

Those of you who are acquainted with bestselling Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation will know that the foundation is brilliant, falling into the latter camp thanks to its ability to mask imperfections and seriously not budge throughout the day. It’s only downfall? If you are looking for something a bit lighter for summer, it might not be ideal as the coverage it offers is medium to full.

Clever Estee Lauder clearly spied this gap in the Double Wear range and are releasing a newbie to plug it. Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30 is being touted as the perfect summer base, promising 24-hour wear and hydration thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid without any oiliness whatsoever (if oiliness is a problem, check out our best foundations for oily skin edit). The key here is in the way in which the pigments are suspended in a system Estee Lauder claims will move with the skin, meaning that it won’t sit in cracks or slide on top of your face when you’ve been out in the sun. It’s also geared towards minimising pollution damage, offering a satin (aka skin-like) finish, AND it even contains an SPF 30 to boot.

As expected, beauty fans online can barely contain their excitement, with posts on the new foundation garnering thousands of comments, so move quickly when the foundation hits shelves in early July. It’ll cost £32.50 and comes in a brilliant 33 shades. 

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