Charlotte Tilbury's Ultimate Eye Palette Has Flown Off Shelves

Charlotte Tilbury's Ultimate Eye Palette Has Flown Off Shelves

Few make-up things incite a frenzy among beauty editors. We'll collectively coo over a fluttery mascara, sure. Get enthusiastic about a good red lippy, undeniably. But we're mostly a stoic lot, calmly working our way through new glosses and shadows and powders with the odd frisson of excitement when we find something that really, really works.

When it comes to Charlotte Tilbury's make-up, however, my fellow editors and I get a little excitable. A make-up range that's been curated by an artist to A-listers is uniquely pleasing, designed with an eye that's used to speedily wielding loaded brushes to create perfect smokey eyes and red carpet ready looks. 

When her latest Instant Eye Palette, £60, landed, a few delighted messages were exchanged to say how brilliantly useful it is. It got even better when I tried it out - first in swatch form (see below for my arm covered in the shadows), then on my eyes, where I went straight in with DATE EYE. Turns out that Charlotte has nailed the whole done eye thing, with the palette offering up easy, swipe and blend shadows that are universally flattering.

Containing twelve shadows that range from vanilla to deep black, they are grouped into Charlotte's suggested edits of DAY EYE (minky, soft), DESK EYE (bit deeper, with a touch more warmth), DATE EYE (two shimmers plus a deep mocha), and DISCO EYE (shimmer, black and a sparkling nude). There are of course no rules where make-up is concerned, but when you're in a hurry to dash out that door, those groups come in mighty handy.

Unsurprisingly, it's sold out EVERYWHERE. But we've heard there are more making their way over to stores so keep checking and snap one up if it becomes available. And if you are looking for pointers on application, here's how I love to use eyeshadows... 


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