Here Are The Best Christmas Makeup Gift Sets For 2017

Here Are The Best Christmas Makeup Gift Sets For 2017
Christmas Makeup Gift Guide

We *may* be just a teeny tiny bit biased over here on the InStyle beauty desk, but we are solidly of the belief that nothing is as thrilling as receiving the gift of a good make-up set. 

There are two people who'd especially appreciate finding a present of this variety all nicely wrapped under the tree come the 25th:

1. The make-up person. Oh, you'll definitely know someone like this. Someone for whom a new lipstick is definitely, definitely worth eating beans on toast for a couple of days for, who treasures each new shadow and relishes in trying new trends. This person's appetite for make-up cannot be sated, so your gift of it will be received with true joy. When buying for this person, check out the brands they love the most (Tilbury partisans, for example, are partial to her offerings and are ALL about her luxe, retro-feel sets), and also what they wear - get a lipstick lover a lipstick collection, a smoky eye fan an array of shadows, etc. Basically: get them more of what they love, and they're sure to be delighted.

2. The non-make-up person. By this, we don't mean the person who wears none whatsoever, but rather the person who sees make-up as a bit of a chore or expense and would probably like to try something new but really doesn't want to do so at any personal inconvenience. This person is crying out for a splendid new array because: a) experimenting with make-up ALWAYS leads to finding new techniques and shades that look great; b) that quiet lull between Christmas and New Year's is begging to be filled so even said make-up denier will have time to try something on, and c) this is the time to snap up great bargains in the form of gift sets, so it's the best possible time to buy for someone who may need to try a few different hues before finding their thing.

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So that basically covers everyone; from make-up fans to make-up newbies, everyone – aside from the staunchest of slap-free folk – needs a make-up gift set in their life. And we've curated an edit of our favourites down below.

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