11 Easy Ways You Can Nail Summer Make-Up – And Stop It Sliding Off Your Face

11 Easy Ways You Can Nail Summer Make-Up – And Stop It Sliding Off Your Face
Summer Make-Up

Tricks to keep your face 

Two things we learned during the heatwave that engulfed the UK last week: 1) Don’t get on the Jubilee line around 5pm, unless you fancy being part of a sweaty sandwich of exhausted commuters; 2) Make-up will absolutely not behave as it usually does when it’s baking. 

Our advice on the tube thing? Avoid it entirely if possible, carry water and face mists if not. And perfume. You’ll need a good spritz when you emerge, trust us. The make-up thing took a little longer - and a good few days of experimenting through smudgy mascara and messy foundation - to crack. But we persisted to bring you these rules to getting hot weather and holiday make-up right: 

1. Switch to waterproof mascara. The most famous hot weather rule in the book, but one worth flagging just in case you’d forgotten because it is the key to not ending up with panda eyes. If you like the finish of your usual mascara, just use it and then add a coat of waterproof mascara to seal it. Equally, try just loading up your lower lashes with waterproof mascara if your top ones are holding up fine.

2. Skip exhaustive skincare steps. Applying a treatment essence followed by a lightweight serum and then another serum and a moisturiser and SPF may be well and good during winter when your skin loves to nestle under a blanket of products, but during warmer months, you’re just going to make your make-up slide all over the place. Par back.

3. … But don’t forget your antioxidant serum and SPF. These two are crucial, though, to protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. Get your hands on a good antioxidant serum (and remember to keep it somewhere cool and dark so the actives last for longer), and then whack an SPF on top of it. Remember to reapply before you go out in the sun (if you don’t want to disturb your make-up, just grab a mist-on formula instead that you can apply on top of foundation).

4. Combine your SPF with base. This is a make-up artist trick: rather than try to layer SPF and foundation, just go for a good SPF-containing make-up. Try Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety Cream SPF 50 for one that won’t break the bank, or grab the cult IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC + SPF.

5. Ditch powder shadows. Nothing will look worse in the full glare of the sun than powder eyeshadow. If a smoky eye is your make-up safety blanket, switch powders for long-wearing kohls (Bobbi Brown make brilliant ones, as do Urban Decay), applying them around your lashes and then blending out for smokiness that has a nice synergy with skin.

6. … And powder. While it may be tempting to try to rid yourself of shine by using a whole load of powder, we know from experience that sweat will crack through, and nothing looks less natural than a powdery face in warmer weather. To reduce shine, try an oil-absorbing primer like bareMinerals Prime Time, or crack out some blotting paper - the pros rely on MAC Blot Film.

7. … And instead embrace washes of colour in skin-like finishes. The trick here is to grab products that are water-based, or will lend your skin colour without too much shine. We love BY TERRY Serum Sun Booster for bronze, and Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Blush for a diffused blush. Try applying a little of either to your eyelids in lieu of shadow.

8. … Or a serious whack of it on one feature. If you’re more inclined towards bold, statement make-up, try a brighter-than-bright lipstick or a lick of colour across your lash line, then add lots of mascara, some skin make-up if needed, and you’re done. 

9. Balms are your friend. If you can bring yourself to embrace sheeny shiny finishes, try going for it on lips and eyelids - it looks great in the sun. We’re fans of Jillian Dempsey’s Lid Tints, which you can just dab onto eyelids with fingers for a hint of colour that’s oh-so-slightly reflective.

10. As is blush. Don’t underestimate the power of blush during warmer months. Yes, bronzer is important to warm up features, but blush will give you that lit-from-within glow that will really liven your features up. Go liquid as per rule 6 for the best finish.

11. … And don’t forget your neck. Odds are, you’ll have a little more skin on show during summer months, so remember if you’re bronzing your face to take colour down onto your neck, too. Grab a big powder brush like Real Techniques PowderBleu Soft Kabuki Brush, and circle bronzer onto your neck and décolleté before you head out. 

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