This £4 Nude Lipstick Is The Ultimate Dupe For Kylie's Go-To MAC Shade

This £4 Nude Lipstick Is The Ultimate Dupe For Kylie's Go-To MAC Shade

Back in 2014, it was actually impossible to find my favourite MAC nude lipstick anywhere. Word on the street had it that Velvet Teddy, a perfect, creamy tawny nude, was Kylie Jenner’s go-to shade to perfect her overdrawn pout, and girls everywhere were desperate to get their hands on the lipstick + Soar lipliner combo. Sure, a lot of us genuinely believed that MAC was her secret weapon to faking mega-inflated lips (fools), but it can’t be denied that, fillers or none, Kylie had the browny-nude 90s lip down.

The Kylie lip hype has died down slightly since, but the love for Velvet Teddy (£16, is still going strong. Splashing out £16 for a lipstick that I go through faster than hand sanitiser, however, is not helping my bank balance one bit, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered that there’s a £4 dupe out there that’s pretty much identical to its pricier pal. 

George Matte Lipstick In Cloud 9, £4


George at Asda unveils its new and improved beauty range on October 1st, and nestled amongst its matte lipstick collection is Cloud 9, a tawny mauve nude which smells heavenly and glides on without drying out your pout thanks to the inclusion of shea butter AND Vitamin E. 


In fact, the entire range is pretty impressive - considering the fact that prices range from £2 to £6. I. Know. Asides from the matte lippies, our hero products are the £3 Tamer Brow Dip, which comes in a handy dipping pot complete with a brush and doesn’t budge all day, and the £4 Va Va Volume mascara for its lash-plumping amazingness. 

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The range will also include a £3 translucent powder, an Airbrush Primer for a fiver, and a customisable eyeshadow palette with individual pans at £2 each, which are super pigmented considering the crazily low price point. 




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