Jennifer Aniston Tells Us Her Golden Hair Rules

Jennifer Aniston Tells Us Her Golden Hair Rules

We've been lusting after her locks ever since the simple days of 'Friends' and Jennifer Aniston still holds the title of hair royalty. She keeps evolving her style and switching up her blonde without putting a foot wrong. So what's her secret? When Jen talks hair, we listen.

 “Curly hair’s a massive deal. I have wavy, curly hair and I often blowdry it straight to keep it manageable which used to mean a lot of smoothing products. I’d find my hair was so weighed down by the sprays and creams that it looked greasy and I had to wash it every single day. What a bore! Now I swear by Living Proof hair products because they’ve found a molecule to replace the heavy silicone which weighs the hair down so its super light and feels way more airy."
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My hairstylist Chris (McMillian, they’ve been friends for decades and he’s responsible for every hair look she’s had) always told me not to wash my hair everyday but that used to be impossible which really does mean the less product on my hair, the better."

... "I have a weekly ritual of a nourishing hair mask every Sunday night without fail – I love it!"

Every now and then I get an impulse to cut all my hair off and go for a bob but you know what? I genuinely like long hair, I do, I think it’s gorgeous so I know I’d regret it."

YOU CAN'T GET IT RIGHT EVERY TIME... "The entire decade of the eighties was hair regret for me. I shaved part of my head above the ears into a Mohawk because my boyfriend at the time had the exact same style and I was somehow convinced I could carry it off too. I so couldn’t."

NEVER GO BACK... "Would I ever go back to my nineties 'Rachel' look? Absolutely not. No way. I am never going back there!"

... "Bridget Bardot had the most amazing bedhead hair which I love and Kate Moss’ hair always looks great. She looks like she’s had a shag and then just walked out the door – so cool. Also, I have to say Gisele has the most enviable hair. I mean. Wow."
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