The 3 Nail Colours You Should Buy This Winter, by Celeb Manicurist Glenis Baptiste

The 3 Nail Colours You Should Buy This Winter, by Celeb Manicurist Glenis Baptiste
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There comes a moment around this time of year when you realise that autumn has been edged out by proper winter. Frost is on the ground, leaves have almost all fallen off the trees, and your alarm goes off when it’s still dark outside (groan). The good news? Suddenly it feels okay to wear head-to-toe black, that deathly winter pallor only needs a lick of red lipstick to look damn chic, and, with so little body on display, nail polish takes on new importance.

But which hue to pick - and how to paint nails in deeper, punchier shades without bleeding into the cuticle? This is where our expert columnist and celebrity manicurist extraordinaire, Glenis Baptiste, comes in. We got her to decode the hottest colours for the coldest of seasons, and grabbed some tips on how to get that salon-perfect neat, glossy nail at home…

I've been wearing red all summer and want something more wintery. Can you recommend some colours that are bang on trend right now?

Glenis: “Try taking inspiration from the season and go for darker, or more murky shades. Three to try: Essie Aruba Blue, Chanel New Dawn, and Nars Endless Night.”

… But when I apply deeper polish shades, I struggle to get perfectly neat edges. How do you do it?

Glenis: “When you apply your first coat of nail polish, try leaving a really thin line around the cuticle wall to use as a guideline. When you apply your second coat, you can brush over it and get closer to the cuticle, but the guidance will hopefully help you to be careful and avoid the polish bleeding into the cuticle wall.” [Beauty Ed’s note: if you still struggle, grab an OPI Correct & Clean Up Nail Corrector Pen, £10.25 - it makes tidying up polish easy.]

Final question: my nail polish ALWAYS peels off and it drives me mad. Tell me what I can do…

Glenis: “First, make sure you’ve removed any traces of old polish and dehydrate your natural nails by swiping a nail polish remove over nails. Next, apply a base coat and then your colour, but the trick is to lay it down in really fine layers so that it doesn’t peel.”

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