Here’s Why You Need A Hand Exfoliant

Here’s Why You Need A Hand Exfoliant
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No, we’ve not lost the plot - hand skincare is a real thing and we’ve been charting its evolution with glee. The reason for it’s popularity? We’re now collectively clued in to the huge effect skincare has on the ageing process, and hands - along with the décolletage and neck - are under the spotlight as key signifiers of wear and tear. And, as with all skincare, exfoliation is a key step in your routine to remove dry skin (and therefore help your hand cream to penetrate more deeply to where it can actually get to work), smooth rough skin, and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Before we get to our edit, here's a quick rundown of where we’re at on hand skincare: first, there was hand cream, that reliable staple of our handbags and bedside tables. Next, Margaret Dabbs did hand serum, which quickly became the best friend of women who wanted all the moisturising chops of hand cream without the associated grease. 

After that: hand masks, most notably by STARSKIN, whose Hollywood Hand Model Nourishing Double-Later Hand Mask Gloves both intensively nourished parched hands AND gave us an glorious excuse to sit around doing nothing whatsoever for 15 minutes. The next frontier was SPF, which was a runaway success, with Vichy, Eve Lom, Clinique and Lancome all jumping onboard the trend.

One final caveat before you dive in to the edit: hand exfoliants aren't cheap at the moment. As the high street cottons on, expect this to change, though if you can't stretch to one of the below, try mixing salt flakes with moisturiser for a speedy DIY version.


Prismologie Jade and Vetiver Hand Exfoliant, £30, Prismologie

The fine exfoliants in this number are made of jade - actually. The thinking is that they have a calming effect, along with whipping off dead skin. Also in this decadent buy? Avocado oil, olive oil and tamanu oil, which will jointly soften and provide a big fat boost for overworked hands.

Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs Exfoliating Hand Scrub, £18, Margaret Dabbs

This creamy exfoliant contains jojoba beads and orange peel to help to resurface the skin while brightening. Our favourite bit about this one? When rinsed off, it leaves hands feeling super soft (that’s the work of the wild rose and comfrey).

Bjork & Berries

Bjork & Berries Wild Forest Exfoliating Hand Wash, £22, Cult Beauty

… And here’s the lazy girl option. Plop this Scandi brand’s hand exfoliant next to your sink in lieu of hand wash for a little exfoliating action every time you wash your hands. 

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