Here’s How You Should REALLY Be Using Touche Eclat

Here’s How You Should REALLY Be Using Touche Eclat

Turns out, it shouldn’t go under your eyes…

25 years ago, Yves Saint Laurent hit make-up gold. With the launch of the clickable, skin-mimicking highlighter pen, they started a sensation, and Touche Eclat became ubiquitous in the handbags of make-up savvy women in the UK.

The only problem? Everyone was adding light to the wrong places, mistaking the pen for a concealer. Hands up if you’ve ever seen anyone apply a big sweep of the stuff to the hollows under their eyes? Thought so.

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Let’s bust that myth once and for all: Touche Eclat is a highlighter. A really good one at that as it doesn’t contain shimmer or glitter, but is rather a creamy, easy-to-blend mix of pigments that will draw attention to the high points of the face. It categorically isn’t a concealer, and if you use it on patches you’d like to hide, you’ll end up doing quite the opposite and drawing attention to them.

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That said, TE is a multitasking product and - much like all the highlighters that we’re all currently obsessed with - is ideal for aping the top make-up artist’s trick of adding light to lots of different parts of the face.

Here are some places it SHOULD be going:

On cheekbones. A few licks of the pen on the highest planes of cheeks will give the illusion of higher cheekbones.

On your cupid’s bow. Want to fake a fuller pout? Just dab a little above the centre of your lips and blend.

Down the centre of your nose. This is the place to pop your TE if you’d like to slim the appearance of your nose. Just don’t add any to the ball on the end - doing so will make your nose look bulbous.

Between brows. If furrows are beginning to bed in from frowning, a little light will work wonders at softening their appearance.

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