7 Tips For Losing Weight Before Your Wedding

7 Tips For Losing Weight Before Your Wedding

You’re engaged – score! – and now pondering the very real prospect of fitting into the dress you decided to order two sizes too small. Because, you know, motivation… 

  • Split your workouts

Caning a 30-min HIIT workout every single day is likely to see you drop pounds, we’re not disputing that, but best results come when you switch up the way you burn calories in the body. Alternating between low intensity, high intensity and different durations of sweat session will help avoid plateauing and encourage your body to torch cals from both fat and carbs for a bigger burn overall. A good goal is to aim to exercise four times a week, ticking off one day of HIIT, one day of resistance training, one day of low-intensity cardio and then a day of yoga or stretching.

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  • Break your fast consistently

Turns out that it isn’t just about what you eat for breakfast, it’s that you keep your intake steady. A study from the International Journal of Obesity found that people with the most day-to-day variation in the calorie count of their first meal were 90% more likely to have large waists. Ergo, keeping to a breakfast routine of a consistent number of calories helps to maintain a healthy level of sugar in the blood and reduces overeating as well as encourages the body not to hold on to unnecessary fat. 

  • Drop weight according to your dress

We know, we know, it’s impossible to spot reduce fat. But it’s very possible to focus your toning efforts on particular areas of the body and it makes sense to choose these based on the style of wedding dress you’ve chosen. If your aim to lose weight is to look fitter than fit in your gown, bear in mind that the average will cover the majority of your lower body, so it may pay to spend most of your time with the weights utilizing moves that work your arms, shoulders and back. Plus, remember, strength training ups your body’s rate of fat burn so there’s downside. 

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  • Make friends with eggs

We don’t like to bandy around theories about super foods and certain ingredients that overpromise and under deliver, but eggs are arguably a food stuff of wonder. Bursting with weight loss-inducing, hunger-satiating protein, there’s plenty of studies showing that individuals who eat eggs for breakfast – instead of cereals, toast or porridge – eat fewer calories throughout the rest of the day, tend to be slimmer and are less likely to struggle with sugar cravings. But don’t go all 90s and sign yourself up for daily egg white omelettes; most of the egg’s nutrient content is held in its yolk, so keep ‘em whole. For delicious inspo, check out our egg recipes

  • Track your tush

And legs… Fitness trackers can’t work miracles – in that they can’t do the hard work for you – but they have been proven to aid motivation and get people on the move far more than before they strapped the band around their wrist. According to FitBit, tracker fans take around 40% more steps than those who go without the gadgets. Be reassured walking is no workout cop-out; research shows that people who regularly walked at a quick pace weighed less than those who spent their time doing other types of exercise like cycling, swimming and even running. 

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  • Cook fast, eat slow

No bride-to-be has ever complained of having too much time on her hands. It seems far easier to pick up a quick fix meal on the way home from work or nip out for a dinner you didn’t have to cook yourself – and we are in NO way telling you that socializing with food is off the menu entirely – but key to losing weight is being in control of what you’re putting in your body. Joe Wicks, better known as The Body Coach with a penchant for calling broccoli ‘mini trees’, is great for this – his meals are fast (supposedly you should be able to go from fridge to feeding time in 15 minutes, although under 30 minutes is probably more realistic, and happily still entirely doable) and they fill you up because he provides a good portion of foods that are actively good for you. 

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  • ‘Easy does it’ eating

The meaning behind ‘clean’ eating has changed over the last two years to help tout sweet potato brownies and inordinate portions of nut butter but personal trainer and celebrity favourite James Duigan was one of the first to encourage eating unprocessed foods as close to their natural state. His book is an oldie but a goodie when it comes to breaking down the theories of healthy weight loss into layman’s terms and there’s a super easy meal plan to follow to get you in the zone. 

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