The 5 Products No Woman With Hair Extensions Should Be Without.

The 5 Products No Woman With Hair Extensions Should Be Without.

Brushes, brushes and more brushes! Our Beauty Editor Katie Service shares her beloved hair extension essentials.

Hair extensions are high maintenance, fact.  If you don’t enjoy the sort of constant upkeep that they require, then you might want to steer well clear...  Saying that, good quality micro-bead extensions can absolutely transform your hair for the better (who wouldn’t want Rapunzel length tresses to swish around?) and if you can stomach a little extra grooming, they’re totally worth it.  But before you go for your extensions appointment – make sure you stock up your styling arsenal with these 5 products.  Trust me, they will become your new BFFs.

1. A Tangle Teezer

You have to do a lot of brushing when you have hair extensions.  A Tangle Teezer is best because they pull on your roots less and are less likely to yank loose any strands. ‘The design of the brush means that you can brush the hair more gently, while still being effective’ explains Sarah McKenna, Director of hair extensions specialist salon Vixen & Blush).   Make sure you use one while styling, washing and blowdrying.  ‘Hold your hair in bunches while brushing the ends then move to brushing from the root down as this also prevents excess pulling on the roots.’


2. A Mini Tangle Teezer

You need to brush when you’re out and about as well. ‘If hair extensions are left for longer than 4 hours without being brushed through then they can start to clump into their strands again’ says McKenna.  Pack a mini brush in each handbag and your gym bag.  You won’t regret it.


3. Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash Shampoo

The shampoo you use is really important so you may need to switch up from your regular while you have extensions.  Look for a volumising shampoo and a super lightweight conditioner to remove oiliness.   Fine hair that sits very flat to the head runs the risk of revealing the bonds so a volume boosting shampoo will help disguise that too.  A clever trick from McKenna:  ‘For those who feel that their own ‘hailo’ section or T-section becomes limp or oily, then why not just wash that top section of your hair and tie the rest of the hair extensions out of the way.’  


4.  Moroccanoil Treatment Light

Saying that, nobody wants dry, parched looking hair extensions so McKenna recommends this wonder product as an alternative to heavy hair masks or oily, thick conditioners.  It will moisturize without weighing down the hair as well as protecting it from all the heated styling you will no doubt subject it too.


5.  Root Vanish By Kazumi

Contrary to popular belief you can have your hair coloured with you hair extensions in so long as the only part you colour is the halo section around your hairline that has no extensions fitted.  A word of warning from McKenna: ‘Never dye the small sections of hair placed inside the ring/bond.  These sections, if dyed, can become matted which leads to a difficult removal of the hair extensions.’   If your roots are more distinctive because they aren’t just along your T-zone then a root touch up product is going to save you precious salon hours.  Apply the Root Vanish to damp roots before blow-drying and then simply blow-dry-in.  No nasty oily or powder residue.

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