Free With Our June Issue: The Clinique Wonder Serum Your Skin Will Love

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Beauty Director Cassie Steer lets us in on her top tips for using Clinique's Smart Custom Serum (which you can totally get free with your latest copy of InStyle)...

When you see the word Clinique, you know you're in good hands. Their legendary skincare and iconic green packaging are constantly top of our lust list.

So when we discovered Clinique's Smart Custom Serum, it's fair to say we were pretty excited. Uneven skin tone? This is the serum for you. Age spots and lines? Yup, it solves them too. In short, it's the multi-tasking serum we've all been waiting for. And with five years of research going into the patented formula, they've got the science to back it up.

InStyle's Beauty Director Cassie Steer tried it out for herself and let us in on her top tips for using a serum along the way...

Tip No. 1

'I'm a bit of a skin obsessive, so I would always use a serum over a moisturiser, but the thing about serums, because they're designed to be absorbed so quickly into the skin, you don't have a lot of time to work with them, say, if you want to do a bit of facial massage. So, my top tip is, while you're applying it, concentrate the serum where you need it most, using stippling motions with your hands. For me, I need it around and under my eyes.'

Tip No. 2

'Always apply your serum to clean skin that's a bit damp because that will really help the active ingredients to penetrate, but be patient! You have to wait at least a few minutes to let your serum really absorb into your skin before you apply anything on top like moisturiser or foundation.'

Tip No. 3

'Don't forget your neck! A facialist once told me that your face begins somewhere around your bra level, so when I'm applying my serum I'll start around my collarbone and work upwards in sweeping motions with my hands.'


'I'm always paranoid about getting age spots on my hands, so if you have any excess product, just rub it on the back of your hands for an extra anti-ageing boost.'

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the latest issue of InStyle now. Serious compliments on your skin are on their way…

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