She Hates Social Media And Rarely Wears Foundation: Meet The Newest #ChloeGirl 

She Hates Social Media And Rarely Wears Foundation: Meet The Newest #ChloeGirl 

A big party is happening in the balloon-bedecked Maison Chloe in Paris, and actress Haley Bennett is at the centre of it, surrounded by influencers like Peony Lim, Sandra Hagelstam, and Jane Aldridge. The rest of the crowd is chic and mostly clad in Chloe, which makes for quite a sight. 

We’re here to celebrate ten years of the signature Chloe scent, and Haley’s introduction as the newest face of Chloe, joining the likes of Chloe Sevigny and Clemence Poesy as a #ChloeGirl. 

At the party, she’s accordingly dressed in a buttery, flowing Chloe skirt and - of course - leaves a trail of the new Absolu de Perfum in her wake as she makes her way around the room. We grabbed a minute with the woman of the hour to find out why this scent means so much to her, how she hates makeup skincare, and why you won’t catch her spending hours on social media anytime soon…

Jean Picon

"I REALLY don’t identify with the whole ‘glamour girl’ thing. I like to keep things simple. But of course things bleed into my style or vision of myself when I’m inspired, but I try to play with my image based on my emotions and how things move me."

"The platform of social media for me is just a medium of expression. And sometimes that can be dangerous. There are so many different opinions about social media and how it’s ruined culture and I do tend to agree with that view."

"Rose is my ultimate, favourite scent. I associate it with memories of my grandfather in the garden he grew for my grandmother - so romantic. The heart of the Chloe fragrance is rose, but I love the deep and warm amber elements too, which anchor the fresh powderiness of the rose."

"I spray perfume on everything and use scent in a few different ways in my life, too. I’d really recommend the Chloe bubble bath - it is unlike any other I’ve tried, and just envelops your skin in the fragrance. I also always spray perfume on letters - and yes I still send letters!"

"I am categorically not a make-up person. I actually hate make-up. Whenever somebody puts it on me, I feel like I don’t look like myself. My foundation is moisturiser - and I always wear an SPF to keep my freckles under control. I’ve previously been quite conscious of them, but you go through different phases and learn what works for you, don’t you?"

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