Glossier's First Perfume Is Finally Here And It's Not What We Expected

Glossier's First Perfume Is Finally Here And It's Not What We Expected
Glossier You Eau De Parfum, £45

Glossier is undeniably the brand of the moment, complete with a following so devoted that even a glimpse of those millennial pink Glossier plastic zip lock bags inspires an online frenzy - and instagram likes to rocket. (Side note: Glossier founder Emily Weiss told our Beauty Ed that these bags are where she stashes her beauty products when she travels, which seems a jolly good idea indeed and is precisely what we'll be doing going forward.)

If like us you were therefore expecting the first Glossier fragrance to harness the ingredients that are having a moment right now like coffee or citrus, prepare to be surprised - Glossier You, £45, is a truly classic and timeless perfume that bucks trends. It's subtle, creamy, sexy, spicy, and - above all else - designed to nestle onto your skin and enhance your natural scent. After the initial fizzy spiciness has burned off, the core notes remain remarkably true to the first sniff, taking the skin's own sweet, salty, and spicy notes up a notch.

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Glossier You, £45

You - but better - has been a trend in make-up for years, starting with the launch of BB creams that were designed to ape 'real skin', not dull glow, and most recently evident in the proliferation of highlighters that have edged out contouring as the more subtle way to do cheekbone enhancing. The vibe of this newbie may therefore be more of a part of the zeitgeist than the warm, musky scent would initially have you believe. In fact, it seems that once again Glossier may have placed their money on the winning chip. 

We predict more pink bags than ever will now be flying through letterboxes across the country - and that a wave of peppery, salt, musky, skin-like scents will follow in its wake.

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