Love Them Or Hate Them, Feather Brows Are The Latest InstaBeauty Trend

Love Them Or Hate Them, Feather Brows Are The Latest InstaBeauty Trend

#Featherbrow is the latest ridiculous Instagram beauty trend you'll love to hate.

Just as it seemed like we’d done just about everything we could to our poor old brows (this past year alone has seen glitter, rainbows and microblading emerge as trends), there’s more. Feather brows are the latest thing to hit the Insta beauty world, and they’re causing quite a ruckus. 

When Finnish MUA Stella Sironen playfully posted a snap of the splayed-out brows she and her friend Leevi concocted, she had no idea that she’d start the latest viral beauty trend - and ignite World War 3 in the comments section. Stella’s original feather brow involves parting the eyebrow hairs lengthways, then slicking them down using a trusty glue stick (we know.). The result? Dreamy, birdlike eyebrows that we can’t decide whether to love or hate. 


As with any trend, there are more than a few haters. Comments range from ‘This is terrible. And now my entire Instagram is full of this stupid s***’ to ’NEVER EVER AGH’, and then to ‘This is sooo dope’. It’s pretty safe to say that people are divided on #featherbrows, but that definitely hasn’t stopped beauty gurus and make-up artists from paying homage.


After Stella jokingly encouraged people to recreate her ‘everyday’ brow look and tag their versions using #featherbrows, over 50k people have done just that. Some have elevated the original by decking their feather brow in gold, others have put the cap on the gluestick and taken the soap route, rubbing a spoolie on a bar and using it to shape the hairs.

Us InStylers were so intrigued by what we’ve dubbed as the Marmite of eyebrows, that we just <had> to try it out for ourselves. Our verdict? It’s great if you’re Bella Hadid in a Balmain show, but not so much for that 11am boardroom meeting. 

Take a look at our #featherbrow attempt below and prepare to LOL. 

InStyle UK

Ava's verdict: "I'm kind of feeling it up close, but from almost every angle I look mental. Never again."

InStyle UK

Harriet's verdict: "It's a shame we only had time to do just one. I'm not looking forward to getting the tube home."

Armed with hairspray, a spoolie and eyebrow pencil, we became the latest members of #featherbrow. We both found that it's way easier to manipulate your eyebrows into the feather shape if the individual hairs are quite fine or flimsy. If you're blessed with stronger brow hairs that tend to stay in place, like Harriet's, then you might struggle a bit. 

We dare you to try it out for yourself!


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