9 Ways To Leave The House Quicker

9 Ways To Leave The House Quicker

Shortcutting beauty tricks for those who are short on time but long on products…

1. Don’t bother trying to pack you bulging make-up bag into your tiny clutch – L’Oreal Paris True Match Genius (£12.99, boots.com) is a four-in-one primer, foundation, concealer and powder.  Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

2. Painstakingly perfect nails take forever to get right.  Rebecca Jade Wilson, Ciate nail ambassador, has the most incredible nail hack we’ve ever heard: ‘Brush Vaseline (£12.99, boots.com) around your cuticles and side walls, then paint your nails as carefree as you like.  Any mishaps will wipe off really easily.

3. It may be lacking in class department to spray yourself with your On Direction fragrance on the Northern line, but Couverture’s No Chemical’s Perfume Oil (£45, couvertureandthegarbstore.com) rolls on quickly so it’s secret-squirrel enough to use literally anywhere – the Tube, the bus, the office lift, you name it.

4. Eyeliner doesn’t take long to apply - it’s balancing the angle of the flicks that sets you back.  Get one wrong and you have to take it all off and start again.  Below our Acting Beauty Editor, Katie Service, demonstrates the credit card eyeliner trick for perfect speedy application.

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5. Thought you were ready on time, then smudged a nail?  We’ve all been there.  Next time, brush some oil, olive will do, over your still-tacky nails to dry them quicker.

6. At-home blow-dry?  Who has time for that? The speedy girl cheats with a wide-barrel tong.  Salon guru James Galvin recommends clamping a section of hair about three inches from the ends and gently twisting the barrel down and inwards like you would with a straightener. ‘It’s a very quickfix to create a slight bend in the hair, like the second day of a blow-dry,’ he says.

7. Sleeping with your head raised on two pillows helps to reduce puffy eyes the morening after a party.  If that fails, then use This Works’ Light Time Open Eyes (£25, thisworks.com) - you’ll spend far less time coving up those bags!


8. Need Facial-faking, glowing skin for your third Christmas party of the week?  Add a little Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Hydration (£40, uk.spacenk.com) to your moisturizer or primer.  Designed to mix in with almost anything, you can spend less time on your skin prep without sacrificing the results.

9. A layer of glitter polish is the quickest way to cover up an old, chipped mani,’ says Rimmel London nail Expert Adam Slee.  The new Rimmel London Love Glitter polishes (£3.99) are seriously festive, like this top coat in Mistletoe Mischief.

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