Fake Make-Up: How To Spot It A Mile Off

Fake Make-Up: How To Spot It A Mile Off
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How do you know if you're buying a fake? We love a beauty bargain as much as the next gal, but it's not worth risking the quality or ending up with anything but the genuine article. Here's how to buy beauty, the smart way.

We're not averse to a bit of beauty trickery, (after all our skin maybe doesn't glow quite as much without highlighter and our lashes are nowhere near that long and dark without a few coats of mascara!) but the only thing acceptable to full-on fake in beauty is a tan. When someone goes after your Chanel lipgloss, now that's a step too far!

The beauty world went into current affairs overdrive this week and we can officially say we're outraged. Thousands of our fave beauty products have been ripped off, formulated with some seriously dodgy ingredients and passed off as the real deal. Now we're hearing that traces of really scary chemicals like arsenic, cyanide and even rat poo have been found in the counterfeit cosmetics. Gross.

Shopping for your beauty buys online can be super quick and get you some great deals but the key is to be savvy with your sites and watch out for the pitfalls. Here's how to get your beauty haul without getting duped.

1. There are deals and there are deals. Know what we mean? Established make-up brands don't just discontinue an entire range and sell off all their old stock at bargain basement prices. They've got a little thing called brand image to protect. If you see a product going super cheap, do your research. Ask at your local beauty counter if that particular one is being discontinued and if it is, only then should you go ahead and buy it.

2. Packaging is always a dead giveaway. Brands spend millions on getting theirs to the highest quality, which an impersonator will not be able to carry off. If the font is blurry or logo wonky, click away.

3. Spelling mistakes aren't cool. If the website you're on has grammar or spelling mistakes in the product description, instructions of use or the product name, it's unlikely to be legit.

4. Reputable websites never ask for your PIN number, they don't need it for the transaction.

5. Don't buy beauty products on Facebook. Like ever.

Here are our top beauty websites to buy your beauty safely, Happy shopping y'all!

Feel Unique - brand new beauty launches, just hit the market with great reviews and some rather lovely free gifts.

Look Fantastic - seemingly every beauty product under the sun and lots of sneaky savings to be had.

Cult Beauty - lesser known products that experts and those in the beauty know genuinely love.

Beauty Mart - brilliant and unusual products from all over the world.

SpaceNK - complete luxury and some of the best brands around.


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