Chiara Ferragni AKA The Blonde Salad Puts Her Skin To The Test

Chiara Ferragni AKA The Blonde Salad Puts Her Skin To The Test

Promotional Feature with SK-II

Choosing the right products to suit your skin type isn't always the easiest of tasks, especially when factoring in everything we put our complexions through on a daily basis.

Damaging UV rays and high levels of air pollution are the two major causes of dry, irritated skin, so it's super important to  take the right steps to defend yourself against the elements. SOS? Cue SK-II Facial Treatment Essence; your new official skincare saviour.

Made up of over 90% Pitera — a signature natural bio-ingredient that contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals — this beauty elixir will help smooth and condition the skin's surface, locking in moisture and ensuring that your complexion stays crystal clear, however harsh the environment.

In fact, SK-II is so confident that this miracle product will stand up to all kinds of adverse conditions, that it teamed up with National Geographic and sent four brand loyal celebrities to some of the world's most extreme terrains, including the Yanburu jungle in Japan, and Indonesia's active Ijen volcano. Why? To put their skin to the ultimate test.

In a series of short films entitled SK-II: Face the Wild | Face the Camera Extreme Expeditions, stars such as fashion icon and Instagrammer extraordinaire Chiara Ferragni (AKA, The Blonde Salad) bravely take on exclusive location shoots from tough climates, with the help of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to help keep their skin in check.

Worlds away from a glossy Insta filter, Chiara's trek into the scorching Anzo Borrego Desert in western America is more than enough to put her enviable complexion under immense pressure.

'It's so crazy being here in the desert,' she admits. 'There's so much dryness here, I really thought it could have damaged my skin.'

But despite fighting dehydration, dry heat, dizziness, and then being too 'scared to face the camera' — in fairness we'd be terrified too— Chiara's photoshoot (see the video below) speaks for itself.


A leading skincare brand in 13 markets worldwide, we think it's worth mentioning that actress Cate Blanchett — she of the flawless red carpet skin — is already a SK-II fan. Yes, it is that good.

Get ready to revolutionise your beauty routine, and face the wild.

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