Blue, Red And Yellow Are The Eyeshadow Colours To Rock This AW17. This Is How To Pull It Off...


If you’ve (just about) mastered winged liner, and can probably do a smokey eye in your sleep (not just by smudging last night’s mascara), then it’s time for a next level look for your peepers. Bold primary colours are about to be everywhere this AW17, with Zadig e Voltaire daubing canary yellow over models’ entire lids, Prabal Gurung creating angular cobalt crease flicks, and Wunderkind squaring off their ruby red wings. 

Though vibrant and editorial on elfin runway models, similar looks run the risk of seriously raising eyebrows in the everyday lives of us mere mortals. Fear not, however - just like blue lipstick, there are hacks to making a brightly coloured graphic eye work to flatter and accentuate, rather than lend that ‘I let a toddler go to town with a felt tip on my face’ look. I've dabbled with blue, so wanted to try something truly out of pretty much everyone's comfort zone by attempting a red and a yellow wing. The results? A bright, sunny eye that's bound to boost your happiness every time you catch a glimpse of yourself, and a surprisingly sultry red wing with just the right amount of impact.

Yellow. Whether it’s daffodil, canary, or mustard, true yellows run the risk of sallowing your complexion, especially if you’ve got a yellowish undertone to begin with. Counteract it by sweeping a healthy dose of skin-like bronzer (read: matte and no more than two shades darker than your skin tone) around the perimeter of your face and across the bridge of your nose, and you’ll be looking sun kissed and brighter than a sunflower as a result. Opt for minimal mascara to really let the yellow pop.


We used: MAC Pigment in Primary Yellow

Red. Swiping anything in the red family (including pink makeup) around your eye can make those little bloodshot veins really stand out, and look like you’ve got a bad case of pinkeye. Border your eyes with a black or brown liner, wiggling it between your lashes and along your upper waterline to define and flatter, then finish with lashings of mascara.


We used: MAC Pigment in Basic Red

Blue. Arguably the most wearable out of the trio, a blue statement eye works for pretty much anyone. Stamp some liner along the root of your lashes for definition, and make sure to cover up any purple or blueish darkness under your eyes with a trusty concealer. 


Try: MAC Pigment in Marine Ultra

Which will you dare to try?


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