This Is EXACTLY How To Do Rose From Titanic’s Make-Up

This Is EXACTLY How To Do Rose From Titanic’s Make-Up
Rose Titanic

Don’t google it; just imagine Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic’s make-up. What do you see in your mind’s eye? Paler-than-pale, creamy skin probably. Definitely full lips in a deep rosy hue. Possibly a good strong brow long before they were popular. But whichever of these stands out, the impression of it, even twenty years after the release of Titanic, is still embedded in your mind, isn’t it?

The make-up artist behind the look is unsurprisingly Academy Award-nominated and famed within the industry for creating beautiful make-up that enhances features (think Gwyneth Paltrow in Emma, Drew Barrymore in Ever After, Amanda Seyfried in Mamma Mia!) - and that she’s still hugely in demand today, having just finished working on Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and having spent the last year creating her own Tina Earnshaw Brushes range.

Last night at the legendary Delamara Academy make-up school, Tina opened her kit and gave me a precise break down of how she created Rose’s make-up on a model - including how to get that incredible porcelain skin. Scroll down for Tina’s step-by-step, and my video recreating the look… 

Tina Earnshaw Make-up Artist

Stories From The Set

On getting the job: 'It was really odd, actually - it was 1996 and I was on Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet with Kate Winslet. She had to go off and interview to see James Cameron and she happened to say to him "I have this make-up artist and she’s great at period stuff," so I got the job over the phone, which is unheard of really, isn’t it?’

On Kate’s obsession with her lashes: 'She’d sit curling them - sometimes for a quarter of an hour! They always said it took too long to do her make-up, but often it was because Kate liked to have that moment of curling her lashes and perfecting them. It probably calmed her.'

Rose in Titanic

On the elevator operator who finally got his moment: ‘The elevator operator in the film was on the call sheet every day for 8 months and he was never used! We were in Mexico and he just sat there every day all dressed up. I think it was in the last week that he finally filmed his shot - and it made the cut!'

On food colouring and food stuffs as make-up: ‘All the frosting and ice was basically egg white and sugar, with some candle grease dropped into beards. I used blue food colouring to make them look cold.’

On Kate and Leo: ‘Kate was a trooper - she worked so hard. And she and Leo really loved each other, they were so sweet. Now they’re still best friends, which is so nice to know.'

Join our Beauty Ed as she follows Tina Earnshaw's step by step Rose from Titanic make-up

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How To Get the Titanic Rose Costume Make-Up Look, by Tina Earnshaw

1. Moisturise. I love the Boots No7 Protect and Perfect serum as it gives such a lovely base for make-up.

2. Foundation. I usually mix a few, but I apply quite a lot of it, and Kate was wearing loads. I think I used a Make-Up For Ever Pan Stick foundation on set and she was wearing full foundation in every scene, even in the water - I really like blocking the skin out to make it look perfect. I applied it with a brush and fingers.

3. Concealer. For this period look, I like it pale and pinky under eyes, and pull a bit across the tops of cheekbones and a little on the brow bone, too.


4. Powder under eyes. I love to use a pale pink powder and put quite a lot on Kate. It looks so beautiful. Make sure you get a fair bit under eyes in case colour falls so that it doesn’t stick.

5. Prime Eyelids. If I did the look today, I’d use Laura Mercier Eye Basics as it dries so well and hangs onto shadow.

6. Cream blush. This will give glow. Pop it onto the apples of cheeks with a brush and add a tiny bit in the crease of the eye. On set, I think I used a lipstick for authenticity, though you can use any rosy cream blush today.

Rose in Titanic

7. Eyeshadow. You want barely anything, nothing really - just a whisper. I used a pale cream on lids and then a little bit of pink and an amethyst for shading to give the illusion of a deeper crease in the eye.

8. Powder the rest of the face. I press it on and then flick off excess with a brush. I’m quite bold with it, and if it looks too powdery, I just take a damp sponge and press it on top later on. 

9. Eyeliner. This is a very thin line along the upper lash line, finishing where lashes end. I used a cake liner by La Femme on set. I like a cake liner in general - it goes on better.

Rose in Titanic

10. Mascara. Kate would spend ages curling her lashes, and then I’d paint them in, which took quite a while as I wanted them to be perfect. I didn’t use a waterproof mascara, but I should’ve done! I was using Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, but I also like Armani Eyes To Kill now for a similar effect.

11. Brows. I used a dampened shadow where needed on Kate and then brushed her brows into place.

12. Lips. I started by swiping Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream on a cotton bud across lips to remove foundation and condition, then used a little lipliner where needed - I think it was The Body Shop’s Lip Liner in ‘Beech.’ Kate has a little scar on her lip from here she was bitten by a dog, so I’d correct that if needed, then apply a lipstick with a brush. I used YSL,  but I also like Shiseido M6 Dark Red for the look.

13. Powder blush. I used a Bourjois one right on the apples of Kate’s cheeks applied with a round brush to really emphasise that English rose look. 

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