Ever Wondered What You’d Look Like With Blake Lively’s Hair? 

Ever Wondered What You’d Look Like With Blake Lively’s Hair? 

Introducing our highly addictive Hollywood Makeover Tool, which lets you try out hundreds of A-list looks from Katy Perry's purple wig to Michelle Williams' pixie crop. 

I regularly wonder if life would be just that little bit better if I had flowing, voluminous hair like Blake Lively. I’ve also considered at length if I could pull off being a redhead a la Emma Stone, or maybe even a chic pixie crop of the Michelle Williams variety. And don’t get me started on lobs. Or fringes. Should I? Could I? 

Enter InStyle’s new Hollywood Makeover. Thanks to this highly addictive, mega lols, tool I shall wonder no more. Just launched on InStyle.co.uk, prepare to lose hours, nay days, trying any one of the 1500 different a-list makeover options. 

And it's super easy to use: just upload a photo of yourself (face forward, hair pulled back preferably) and then flick through the many, many celebrity styles. Katy Perry's purple bob? Check. Jennifer Aniston's windswept honey tresses? Done. Beyonce's curly weave? It's yours. 

As you can see, from the photo above, once I started I just Could. Not. Stop. And I've been spamming my boyfriend on Whatsapp all day. Luckily for him (and me), we've got guy options on there, too. Wish your fella looked had a bit more of a Robert Pattinson vibe going on? Now you don't have to. 

As well as the thousands of hairstyles, the tool lets you try out full makeup looks, too. Did you love Selena Gomez's pink eyeshadow at the Met Gala 2017, but not sure if you could pull it off? Give it a test run on the Makeover tool. Thinking of going for a fuller brow? Try it out first. And then there's my favourite part: the concealer tool. Flawless skin can be mine. Finally. 

Once you've had a go, you can save the photos down or share onto Instagram. Be sure to tag @instyleuk so we can keep tabs on all your brilliant/hilarious makeovers. Go forth and makeover. 






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