In Love With LUSH’s Scrubee Bar? Here’s How to Make Your Own

It’s a pretty close match, if we say so ourselves…


Lush is usually famed for their divine bath bombs and shower jellies, but when their adorable bumblebee-shaped bar dropped just in time for Mothers’ Day, everyone frantically tried to get their hands on one. Not only is it a cute addition to any bathroom, its delicious creaminess meant it's such a treat for your skin. Ground coconut shell and almonds encased in nourishing shea and cocoa butters allowed for exfoliating and moisturising whilst in the shower or bath. Talk about a multi-tasker.


While Scrubee was a limited addition member of the Lush family, we're super excited that it's going to be permanently available to buy nationwide from the 2nd of June! However, we took major inspiration from it and decided to try and make our own little guy. The result? We’d say it’s pretty damn close to the OG Scrubee. 

What goes in. The original Scrubee has raw shea and cocoa butters, as well as a hefty dose of coconut oil. Commonly found in many massage and lotion bars, these three really lock in moisture and give the bar its solidity, melting deliciously when warmed onto the skin. Next is ground coconut shell and ground almonds, which provide coarse and gentle exfoliation. We tried (and failed) to grind up a coconut shell - that stuff is harder than concrete - before settling for some ground cacao nibs. Just pop them in a blender and whizz away, or opt for ground coffee beans or  coarse salt. Finally, we added honey for its antibacterial powers, orange oil because Lush used it and it smells divine, and 5-10 drops of bergamot and frankincense essential oils to uplift and relax, and to clarify the skin.

How to make it. All the butters come in solid form, so they need to be melted down. Heat a pan of water and melt one cup of the shea, and half a cup of the coconut oil and cocoa butter in a heatproof bowl over the top. Mix in a tablespoon of the orange oil and honey before removing from the heat and separating into two bowls. Now, you’re going to make two different scrubby bits for the stripes: a dark brown one with cacao nibs, and a yellow one with the almonds. Mix them well and pour the first almond layer into a silicone mould or cupcake case. Let it set for 10 minutes (or pop in the freezer for 5 if you’re impatient like us) before adding the next cacao layer. Repeat until the mould is full, then leave them in the freezer until completely solid. Keep them frozen when you’re not using them, or they’ll go slightly mushy - we actually loved the cooling effect on our skin.

Use your DIY Scrubee in the bath or shower on damp skin for some seriously glow skin that looks and feels super smooth. Rinse the excess oil off and lightly towel dry, then tell us just how much you love the result. 

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