Disney Princesses - The Original Beauty Icons?

Disney Princesses - The Original Beauty Icons?

Okay, so they're not the most obvious of trend-setters but years of growing up alongside Ariel, Belle and Jasmine taught us what princess beauty could be. But even now as pretending grown-ups, don't you ever find yourself looking at them for a bit of beauty inspo?

Ariel from The Little Mermaid
The ultimate renegade royal with the most amazing hair! Thick, lustrous and with a seriously enviable side parting that seemed to withstand a league of seawater above her. We think Florence Welch and Julianne Moore are power redheads but c’mon, Ariel was the original flame haired icon.


Belle from Beauty & The Beast
Cara may be head girl of rocking the power brow now but Belle's arched beauties were what got us plucking the first place.


Jasmine from Aladdin
What we didn’t learn about eyeliner flicks and lashings of lashes from Princess Jasmine, wasn’t worth learning. She basically batted her way into Aladdin’s heart with them. And boy, can that girl carry off statement jewellery!


Pocohontas from, well, Pocohontas
This was the lady who convinced us (perhaps unwisely), that kohl eyeliner was for us. Drawing black liner inside our lash lines and right round top lids too took a steady hand and a heck of a lot of powder to stop the smudge. Never quite made it look like hers though.


Queen Elsa from Frozen
She might be the next generation’s Disney princess beauty icon but it doesn’t mean we can’t get in on the action. That platinum blonde hair in the chunkiest of side braids has given us all serious hair envy. Perhaps forgo the sparkles if you’re over 5…


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