Did You Know Perfume Can Make You Hotter?

Did You Know Perfume Can Make You Hotter?

Finding the fragrance that’s right for you and, more importantly, learning how to wear it, can really boost your desirability. Here we investigate the relationship between the laws of attraction and scent

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1.  Understand the science behind your scent

When it comes to choosing a new fragrance, it’s worth considering the impact certain smells can have on our emotions. It’s been proven that the nose can pinpoint up to 10,000 different smells. That might seem overwhelming but all that matters is which of these smells you want to focus on. Some are known to spark fond memories that make us feel instantly closer to another person, while others are known to be hormonal – sparking primal and animalistic desires and working on our senses to awaken instant sexual attraction. Let’s break it down…

2. Make notes
It’s possible to cause deep and emotional reactions in someone you’ve just met with sweet, floral scents. Smells that remind us of childhood make us feel safe and comfortable enough to show attraction and affection, even with someone we don’t yet know. Opt for a flower found in gardens around the world to tap into everyone’s subconscious – freesia. This fresh, floral and peppery scent is intense enough to radiate from a distance, helping to lure someone from across a crowed room. Mix with a base of sweet fruit, such as honeyed peach to make those around you feel relaxed, and draw your chosen suitor closer.

If you’re looking to make someone special see you in a very different light, play with stronger, bolder notes for a very different effect. A heady blend of aphrodisiac spices such as vanilla, black pepper and roasted cocoa are sensual, daring and incredibly alluring. All of these base notes contain phenylethylamine, the ‘love drug’ that releases dopamine in the brain and is intrinsically linked to pleasure.

3. Pulse points – but not as you know them
Once you’ve chosen your perfect sexy scent, you need to know exactly where to place perfume to make sure it has the desired effect. If you’re guilty of spritzing perfume on your wrists and even rubbing them together, stop right there. The friction and heat causes the scent to mix with your body’s natural oils and can change it altogether.

Besides, there are at least five other places you should be wearing your new scent…

So where’s a girl to start? Well, heat rises, so it makes sense to apply perfume somewhere warm on the lower half of your body, slowly releasing fragrance all day long. Go for a spritz on your ankles and behind your knees. Then add a light spray along the centre of your torso – you’ll want to strike a balance between smelling good and not overpowering anyone lucky enough to get that close. Instead of your wrists, dot scent at the inner elbow – it’s a more subtle approach to wearing perfume – and finish off with a spritz along your décolletage and neck. This is a point where your veins are close to the skin’s surface, and the warmth they create will help your chosen fragrance to radiate – and captivate – all day long.

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