Could Malaika Firth Be The Most Low Maintenance Model, Ever?

Could Malaika Firth Be The Most Low Maintenance Model, Ever?

We grill the face of Ghost Dream for her beauty secrets…

It’s a boiling hot day in London, and Malaika Firth is holding court on the sofa in a room hidden away above her agent’s offices. She’s wearing a bralet with a string t-shirt on top, and - despite being markedly more casual than she is in the campaign shot for the new Ghost Dream scent of which she’s the face - she’s unbelievably striking, with deep, warm skin and huge doe-eyes. When faced with such a spectacular face, we want to know the routine, the products, the secrets behind it so asked Malaika a bunch of questions in the hunt for tips to take home. Here’s what she had to say:


What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

To wear lear less make-up than you think you need. My parents weren’t very into it and my mum used to encourage no mascara when I went to school. I remember not putting my blush on neatly - it was smudged across my face - and mum spotted it instantly. 

Who were your beauty icons when you were growing up?

Tyra Banks is kind of cool, and I also liked J-Lo and Beyonce - they’re all so beautiful in their own ways.

And they all have amazing skin - which brings us to yours. What do you use? 

I use the Charlotte Tilbury cleanser morning and evening, and just moisturise my face in the morning. I don’t do anything else.

Wow - that’s low maintenance! What make-up do you rely on?

I love mascara - I use one by Burberry - and I also think Bobbi Brow are brilliant and use their colour sticks on my lips and cheeks along with their foundation. MAC make my favourite lipsticks.

As a model, you have to go to loads of events - how do you take your make-up up a notch? 

I love watching Wendy Rowe make me up and have learned a lot from her - she takes me eyes and lips up a notch by adding a bit more contouring, mascara and maybe a bright lip.


Do you have any travel essentials that you just can’t live without?

Yes - I go everywhere with a facial mist from The Body Shop and also my bottle of Ghost Dream - I spritz it all across my skin and clothes as I hear out the door and to perk me up when I’ve been flying - it makes me feel fresh again. 

Are you on point with your diet?

Not really - my dad cooks for my family and he’ll make so many different dishes - I don’t really watch what I eat and would typically have sausage and beans on a shoot. I also love snacking and am into a McDonald’s Big Mac. I can’t think of a better night in than with a Dominoes Pizza, some chicken wings, and a good film. 

This seems wildly unfair - tell us you do some work on looking so great? 

Well I do a fair few butt exercises and squats and try to do them every other day. I don’t do yoga or anything like that - just cardio and weights. But I don’t have facials and I just go to my local hair salon to have my hair cut.

Have you met any of your idols since modelling?

Yes I met Rihanna and asked for a selfie but I lost it! Nicole Kidman also told me I was a good dancer once which was pretty amazing - but I was too shy to tell her I was a fan!

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