Coffee Is The Latest Buzz Word In Beauty

Coffee Is The Latest Buzz Word In Beauty
Hare & Bone

Beauty’s latest muse takes its inspiration directly from your daily cup of coffee. Yep, you read that correctly: coffee. As in, stuff that makes you able to function at 7am and pushes you through that afternoon slump at work. Only in beauty terms, it comes caffeine - and weird shakiness - free. 

The other thrilling thing about this trend, aside from the fact that it is almost as good as a hit of double espresso? It comes in plenty of iterations from body care to perfume to even hair colour, with the colour and scent and creaminess of coffee all inspiring new trends. 

Perfume is an obvious place to start - it is, after all, the scent of coffee in the air that is so evocative of that energising kick. If a whiff of coffee pleases you, get your hands on Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa Cologne Absolue, £110. Part of Atelier Cologne’s Avant Garde collection, this scent is coffee shot through with spicy, fruity notes, with the resultant blend being both grown up and warming.

In terms of body care, coffee granules make for brilliant exfoliants, with OPTIAT bringing us much joy thanks to both the zingy blends (hello Lemongrass Lifter), and to the ethnical company’s policy of taking old coffee granules and turning them into scrubs.

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The colour of coffee has intriguingly come to the fore as one of the emerging trends of the season. Zoeva’s new cafe palette is an homage to the richness and diverse hues of coffee (and we’d suggest slinging them all around your eyes in a smoky haze for the ultimate warm, rich eye), while hairdressers Hare & Bone have launched a Coffee Colour Bar, where you can choose from Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, or Espresso shades and then add a glossy accent shot of cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla or cherry to make for a bespoke, coffee-coloured head of hair.

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