The Invisinail: The Guide To The Best No Make-up Manicure

The Invisinail:  The Guide To The Best No Make-up Manicure

The pilgrimage for that perfect something-but-nothing nail polish is finally over. Here is your ultimate guide to almost see-through nail varnish.

Everybody loves a power nail.  There is nothing quite like a rouge noir or a fist full of nail art to make you feel on trend and on point.  But rarely do we praise the unsung hero of the nail world, the subtle but hardworking Invisi-nail. 

Invisi-nail, n. (in-vis-i-nay-l) an almost clear nail varnish that is a little more than a base coat but a little less that a matte flesh tone.

Invisi-nails are the new superheroes of the manicure world and have really excelled in efficiency thanks to the booming trend for no make-up make-up.  The latest formulations mean that you can look like you are wearing nothing on your nails whilst looking polished, healthy and manicured.

No longer simply a replacement for a top coat or a base coat, the invisi-nail polish does everything from reducing imperfections or discolourations like a CC cream, to elongating the nail bed with strobing luminescence and restoring the nail health with superfood ingredients.   What's not to love? 

So here is your ultimate Invisi-nail wardrobe….

The one that does it all:
Chanel Le Base Protective and Smoothing (£14) – the Double C is true to it’s promise as it covers and corrects discolouration in the nail bed.  Great if your nail beds are a little yellow or too pink.  Like a genuine CC cream you can wear it as a base for a nail polish or on its own.

The one that covers up:
Butter London Nail Foundation (£15) – A backstage favourite, butter London’s Nail foundation is similar to Chanel’s Le Base except more peachy – meaning it’s great for cancelling out blue tones in the skin or bruises.

The one that brightens:
Essie Sugar Daddy (£7.23) –  This "I woke up like this" polish contains a slight, almost invisible, pink shimmer to brighten the natural nail.  This is exactly how you wish your nails looked naturally.

The one that only adds gloss:
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat (£6.39)– To be honest, this topcoat does what is says on the tin.  If your nail bed is in good health anyway then this will pump up the quality even further.

The one that luminises:
Nails Inc Knightsbridge Mews Nail Kale Nail Bright (£14) – Like a Strobe cream for your nails.  One coat is like an enhancing luminiser and two coats gives a more condensed coverage.

The one that semi-mattifies:
MAC Texturise Top Coat  (£10) A smooth and even finish but without the gloss effect. 

The one that heals and strengthens:
Microcell 2000 Nail Wonder (£18.50) – Perfect for if you want something polished but healing after weeks of gels or shellac.

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