Celeb’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets You Need To Try

Celeb’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets You Need To Try

Five weird and wonderful beauty hacks celebs swear by to stay beautiful…

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What do Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow all have in common? Affordable (and some bizarre!) beauty secrets that are too good not to be shared! From the multi-tasking, glow-giving sonic cleansing brush you need in your life to the oil pulling craze, here are five celeb beauty secrets worth giving a go...


The latest beauty craze is oil pulling. Never heard of it before? Neither had we until the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Lauren Conrad revealed they use this ancient Ayurvedic technique. The idea is to simply swill a teaspoon of coconut oil around your mouth for twenty minutes, before brushing your teeth, to draw out toxins. Make it a morning ritual and you’ll soon notice healthier gums and whiter-looking teeth.


Scarlett Johansson uses apple cider vinegar to cleanse her face and keep her complexion clear and glowing. She’s not the only A-list actress experimenting with natural alternatives thought – Halle Berry adds freshly ground coffee to her body wash. It makes perfect sense too, as the caffeine and mild exfoliation will help to increase blood flow and smooth skin.


In-shower products are the most time-effective way of getting the most out of your bathing. Jessica Alba uses the fully waterproof Braun Silk-Epil 9 – an innovative two-in-one system that combines silky smooth epilation with a sonic exfoliation brush. The epilator removes even the shortest hair for up to four weeks, while the body brush removes dead cells, smoothing and brightening the skin instantly.


Epsom salts are very much de rigueur today and cost just pennies compared to most celebrity beauty treatments. Soaking in a bath of Epsom Salts can help reduce water retention and tummy bloating, which may explain why super-svelte celebs such as Victoria Beckham and Elle Macpherson are such longtime fans.


Miranda Kerr recently confessed to glugging down ‘alkaline’ water as part of her beauty regime. It’s supposedly higher in antioxidants, easier to absorb, boosts the immune system and helps with weight-loss. Our take? Whether alkaline or plain old tap, eight glasses a day will help give you that H2glow.

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