Celeb Beauty Secrets: Now We’ve REALLY Heard It All

Celeb Beauty Secrets: Now We’ve REALLY Heard It All

Here are the incredible beauty secrets celebs say they use...

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Rumour has it that Cameron Diaz drinks a bottle of water straight after brushing her teeth. Why? She reasons that during the night, while she’s asleep, all of that breathing in and out exhales a lot of moisture from lungs. We’re always looking for ways to up daily intake of water so will be adopting Cameron’s morning ritual to rejuvenate ourselves and our skin throughout winter.


Ever wondered how Jessica Alba keeps her skin looking ultra-glowing all year round? Like us, she’s an advocate of a strict cleansing routine and puts her luminous A-list complexion down to one nifty gadget – Braun Face. It’s a cleansing brush and epilator in one that deep cleans pores, brightens and buffs skin to perfection. Pop on the epilator head to tidy up brows or get rid of any unwanted facial hair. Thank you notes in the post please.


Penelope Cruz prefers if you can see pores and real skin rather than a face full of make-up. To fake a good night’s sleep she wears a matte foundation to mask any imperfections but still likes to look as if she’s not wearing anything.


Gwyneth Paltrow & Lauren Conrad
The latest beauty craze to sweep the nation - and Hollywood - is Oil Pulling. Never heard of it before? Well, nor had we until the likes of Gwyneth and Shailene Woodley started waxing lyrical about the benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic technique for oral health.


Before you dismiss this as utter madness, just look at Blake Lively’s luscious mane. She reveals that she puts mayonnaise on the ends of her hair before showering so that when shampooing the soap can’t strip all the natural moisture and dry it out. Our advice? Rinse thoroughly. Apparently, Suki Waterhouse prefers to bath her barnet in cola rather than lather her layers with shampoo and conditioner. Why? The fizzy drink is much better at creating a tousled look or that’s what she reckons. We beg to differ.

Scarlett Johansson

The actress has revealed that she cleanses her face with cider vinegar.

Halle Berry

The former beauty queen adds ground coffee to her body wash, in the understanding that the caffeine and mild exfoliation helps to increase blood flow and smooth the skin.

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