6 Beauty Essentials To Pack In Your Bridal Clutch Bag

6 Beauty Essentials To Pack In Your Bridal Clutch Bag

Weddings are basically endurance tests for your makeup’s staying power. A touch up kit is essential. Here are the 6 best space-saving essentials to pack in your bridal clutch.

All hail the wedding clutch.   Aside from the name of your groom to be, this is probably the most important thing to remember on your big day.  Come rain come shine, this tiny bag needs to house some VIP beauty tools for essential maintenance.

1. Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder, £34

The first thing you need to have on you is powder.   Nobody wants to be a shiny bride.  Make sure it’s a pressed compact – the last thing you want is loose powder spilling out all over the inside of your bag (or worse, your dress…) and also make sure it isn’t HD.  You know all those nasty pap snaps of celeb on the red carpet with glaring white patches on their skin?  That is bounce-back from HD powder.   Avoid.  Stick to something that is translucent and as light as possible.


2. Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lipstick, £23

Weddings are basically endurance tests for your makeup’s staying power. Unfortunately no lipstick we’ve ever tried lasted the full shebang.  Especially considering all the air kissing, champagne sipping, groom smooching you’re going to have to do over the course of the day, your lipstick will need a top up.  The Hourglass Opaque Rouge Lipstick is tiny weeny in size so it’s perfect for a clutch but at the same time it has staying power longer than the average.  The best nude shade is Canvass but Muse is the most amazing wedding red if you’re feeling bold.

3.  Diptyque Geranium Odorata EDT roll-on 20ml, £32

When you buy your wedding fragrance it’s a good idea to pick up a travel sized version (or a rollerball) as well so you can top up when the dry down dries up.    Another neat roller to carry with you if you have the space is This Works Stress Less, £12.  Great for moments when you need a little calm (the best man’s speech??) as it contains aroma grade Lavender, Eucalyptus and Frankincense to calm the nervous system.


4.  Mac Eye Pencil in Coffee, £14

This is the best eyeliner pencil in the world.  Think we’re over exaggerating?  Think again.  This deep espresso is not quite black and not quite brown – and as a result it flatters absolutely all skintones, hair shades and eye colours.   The problem with eye pencils is that they melt off (or get cried off) over the course of the day so slip this one in your clutch for touch ups before the photos.

5. DHC Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs, £18

Speaking of crying…  Unfortunately, tears and eye makeup do not mix well.   Prepare for the inevitable and pack some cue tips for precision touch ups.  The DHC Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs are pre soaked in moisturizing olive oil so they remove makeup cleanly as well as hydrating the skin.

6.  DUO Eyelash Adhesive, £9.99

A falsie could ping off at any time: the first dance, at the alter, when you’re throwing the bouquet.  Ask your bridesmaid to be on her guard for a corner flicking up and lock it back down immediately with this clear setting glue.  



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