Heading To Brighton This Weekend? Here's How To Do It The Cool Way

Heading To Brighton This Weekend? Here's How To Do It The Cool Way

If you wrote Brighton off a tourist trap, think again; we test out Brighton Gin, vegan perfume and quirky manis

If you haven’t been to Brighton yet, you’re in for a real treat. Listen up newbies!  Here are a few guidelines to set you up for an epic weekend.

DRINK:  Brighton Gin

That’s right Brighton brews it’s own gin (it truly is a hipster’s paradise!) and the best place to drink it is The Office, a small gin and tonic pub/bar hybrid on Sydney Street in the North Lanes. As well as Brighton Gin, The Office sells a whole host of other gins (25 kinds, everything from Sipsmith to Tanqueray and beyond) as well as dishing up an excellent Thai food menu.

EAT:  Indian street food

Sounds a little contrary to eat Indian food in a seafood town, but trust us on this one; The Chilli Pickle on Jubilee Street is not one to miss. Definitely try the delicious paneer dish, whether you are vegetarian or not and the peshwari naan drizzled with honey is #ToDieFor. Also if you’re staying in an AirBNB then you can order takeout… just saying.

SMELL: Vegan

It’s no secret that Brighton loves a vegan café but have you ever heard of ‘vegan perfume’? Eden, on Western Road, is a perfume store that recreates your favourite designer fragrance using only natural, organic and vegan ingredients. The walls of this genius store are lined with glass vats of perfume. Pick your perfume (Chanel No5, Aqua di Parma, Hugo Boss – you name it, they’ve got a copy of it) then pick your bottle size and they’ll fill it for you. It’s really cheap too.

BEAUTIFY: Your nails

Avoid the many tattoo parlours and head instead to the hidden gem that is The Final Nail, a nail salon in a basement below a shop called Porta on Bond Street. They offer the cutest, chicest nail art as well as regular and gel manicures and are also the first nail bar in Brighton the offer (you guessed it) 100% vegan mani-pedis…

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SLEEP: 60 seconds away from the station

If you hate the thought of finally reaching your destination and still having another half an hour until you get to your hotel, you'll love the Brighton Ibis. It's less than a minute's walk from Brighton Station, with a nice little bar you can relax in and still smell the sea. It's a 10 minute stroll to Brighton's eclectic lanes, quirky bars and 'of course we have a vegan option' restaurants, and another 5 to get to the actual seafront. No need for a taxi home and a comfy bed you can sink into? DREAM.      

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