How To Boost Your Natural Beauty

How To Boost Your Natural Beauty

Give your skin a winter workout. Ready, steady, glow!

It's not often we find a beauty gadget that we get on with as well as Braun Face. It's a nifty, high-tech epilator and sonic cleansing system in one that will help give you radiant, natural beauty to rival Jessica Alba's gorgeous glow.

Interested? You should be – it's a huge breakthrough in the beauty world and the easiest way to get perfectly polished skin.

Use the soft brush head for deep-pore cleansing and exfoliation to shift sluggish skin cells and boost radiance. Start by focusing on your T-zone, cheeks and chin to gently remove impurities and don't forget to get in the nooks and crannies around your nose.

It's six times more thorough than manual cleansing and will leave you wondering how you ever managed without it. You'll find your serum and moisturiser sinks into deep-cleansed skin easier too – hello dewy, fresh face!

It works on its own or with your usual cleanser and you can even use it in the shower to take your cleansing routine up a notch. It's the easiest way to deep clean skin without forking out on an expensive facial – all you have to do is replace the head every three months.

You can also preen brows and get rid of unwanted facial hair with the super-precise epilator head. It's 200 times faster and more efficient than tweezing and lasts up to a month, meaning you'll save heaps of time and money that would otherwise go on salon appointments. What could be better? We're hooked and with invisible pores, a more even skin tone and a model-like glow, you will be too!

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