This Is Not A Drill: Blake Lively Has A Bob

This Is Not A Drill: Blake Lively Has A Bob

Blake Lively has transformed into the ultimate pin-up for her new, Woody Allen-directed film. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly a far stretch, was it?

Blake Lively may have recently shut down her lifestyle website Preserve, but she’s not sitting around in her flannel PJs, eating ice-cream and feeling sorry for herself. Not by a long shot.

Instead, she’s thrown herself back into her work, and her latest project has to be one of her most exciting yet. Starring alongside Kristen Stewart in Woody Allen’s upcoming film—the title of which is still currently under wraps—the 28-year-old actress can officially call herself one of Allen’s iconic muses, as she takes on the role of a ‘50s bombshell. Hardly a stretch for a girl with beauty reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden Age, is it?

However, she may have the looks down, Blake HAS undergone a major transformation to help her get into character—she’s now sporting a brand new wavy bob. Yes, really...

Ditching her signature below-the-shoulder golden tresses in favour of a strawberry blonde, waved coif, we never thought we’d see the day that Blake would willingly have short hair. And while it’s a pretty massive change, we reckon she looks just as gorgeous as ever. We wonder if her gross trick to flawless hair still works on this short 'do.

Granted, she is on a film set, so it could very well be a wig, but the seamless hairline and the subtle hint of Blake’s naturally darker roots coming through makes us think this could be the real deal. That, or this may just be the most realistic wig ever constructed. Regardless, we’re into it.

Other than (presumably) chopping half her hair off, Blake’s been seen sauntering around the film set in leopard print capes, patent boots, shimmering slip dresses and, err, a Fila sports fleece. Let’s just hope someone reminds her to strip that off before the scene starts…

Smitten with Blake's chic waves? They aren't as hard to recreate as you might think! Check out our video masterclass on creating the perfect finger wave below...

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