The Best Glitter Eye Makeup Products #ShineBright 

The Best Glitter Eye Makeup Products #ShineBright 

Ever since Pat McGrath’s release of her incredible Labs, glitter in all forms has become a beauty staple for when you want to make an impact. The glitter eye of nowadays couldn’t be further from the chalky, chunky silver shadow we all rocked at 14. Glitter’s all grown up, sweeping its way across every beauty lover’s Insta feed and every festival-goer’s cheekbones.

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We estimate that glitter properly exploded onto the beauty scene around the time that online beauty gurus like NikkiTutorials started promoting ultra-glam, OTT make-up as okay for every day. Brands took immediate notice, pushing out eyeshadow palettes, liquid lipsticks, and highlighter kits full of the glitzy stuff. While MAC and Barry M still hold it down as the OGs of glitter pots, fun and fabulous brands like Too Faced and Urban Decay are starting to become everyone's go-to on the glitter front. 

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Believe it or not, a glimmering eye is actually suitable for pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re going full-on carnival glam, or feel like something glitzy for that Christmas party, or just want to feel a little bit extra whilst sat at your desk all day, you can tailor that sparkle factor to ensure you don’t look like an overexcited child. 

If you’re after…. Minimal glow

Pare it down. To avoid looking completely overdone, keep the rest of your face fairly neutral. Bushy boy brows, minimal (or no) mascara, and a nude lip accentuated with a balm.

Keep it in one place. Place a dab in your inner corner only, just across the crease, or simply along your lower lashline for some subtle impact.

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If you’re after…. An understated statement

Keep it in the colour family. We’re not saying you’ve got to match your lips to your eyes to your dress, but try and keep everything on the same page - maroons, burgundies and browns, coppers and burnt oranges, and amethysts and wines will all harmonise together beautifully. 

Go for matte. An overly dewy complexion will make your face seem slick and sweaty, so use an oil-beating foundation (I love Giorgio Armani's Maestro liquid foundation, £40) paired with your favourite mattifying powder (Laura Mercier's loose setting powder, £29, works so well) - your eyes will seem to glimmer even more.

If you’re after…. some ’look at me’ impact

Lock that sh*t down. A lasting, impactful glitter eye starts with a trusty base. Put a glitter primer like NYX's to good use; it'll prep the eye and make glitter stick down no matter what. Try some lash glue for large stubborn chunks that won't stay put, and you'll be glimmering for hours.

Get a clean-up crew. When applying loads of glittery goodness, there’s a likely risk of it sprinkling itself all over your face. Wrap a piece of tape around your finger after you’re done applying, and gently pat it over any places of your face where glitter doesn’t belong. 


Feeling major #inspo? Pick up one of these amazing glitter pots, palettes, and dusts and try your hand at creating your own perfect glitter eye...

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