4 Really Clever Beauty Tips We Learnt At InStyle's Best Beauty Buys Event

4 Really Clever Beauty Tips We Learnt At InStyle's Best Beauty Buys Event

Wow what a glamourous evening. With makeup artists, colourists, facialists and nail technicians, it was a veritable who’s who of the beauty industry at annual InStyle Best Beauty Buys Awards ceremony. There are over 105 products that have won an award in 2015 – ten of which were handed out by InStyle Editor Charlotte Moore and InStyle Deputy Editor, Emily Dean before cocktails and canapés at The Ham Yard Hotel. With all those clever beauty experts all in one room we couldn’t resist tapping into all that beauty know-how. So here’s four of our favourite things we learnt...

1. Let one feature on your face really sing

Andrew Gallimore, make-up artist

If you’re at home and getting ready, I'd always say ‘look, look and look again’. If something isn’t working, don't be afraid to leave it out. If you want your lipstick to really stand out, take something away; don’t do too much on your eye or leave your cheek un-blushed. Let a single feature sing on your face and it will be a real exclamation.'

'I also love it when people experiment and shake up their beauty routine. It all washes off at the end of the day so just go for it and try something new. Having said that, I do admire people who find their signature look and really run with it.'

2. Sunglasses are your secret anti-ager

Abigail James, facialist

‘Sunglasses are the easiest — and most glamorous way — of preventing the fine lines on your forehead and around your eyes. I always tell people to wear them whatever the weather and whenever they’re out and about.’

‘Plus use SPF very liberally. I wish I’d known that much earlier on! I’m turning 40 this year and the key to looking younger is taking care of your skin, especially in the sun.'

'It might sound old hat but nutrition is so integral to how you look, no matter how much effort you put into your beauty regime. Whether it’s super food supplements or cutting back on your sugar, it will do wonders for your complexion and your health.'

3. Red lipstick is the best confidence booster ever

Rebecca Filmer, PR Director for Christian Dior Beauty

'When women come to me for beauty advice, I always tell them the same thing: WEAR RED LIPSTICK. It has an instantly celestial effect. You feel taller, smarter, brighter. My perfect shade is Rouge Dior in 999; it’s the most iconic shade of red and it makes you feel like you’ve really arrived.'

‘There are studies on women where has been proved that when you wear a red lip it will boost your confidence. They even did the study on an 80-year-old women and it had the exactly same effect. I think it really shows the power of great makeup.' 

4. Eyeshadow is underrated

Sharon Dowsett, make-up artist

'Never underestimate what you can do with great eyeshadow. A lot of people tend to overlook it because they think it's tricky to apply or that it's too time consuming but really, once you've got all your basic beauty anchors in the right place — your flawless base, your sculpted brows, a blushed cheek — an eyeshadow can completely transform your look in an instant.' 

'My tip is to use a lighter tone to highlight and awaken the eye. Then add a smudge of smokey shadow to achieve a smouldering finish - whatever colour works for you. The effects you can create are truly endless.' 

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