Best Beauty Bloggers: The InStyle Edit

Best Beauty Bloggers: The InStyle Edit

From Zoella to essiebutton, we've picked the top beauty bloggers you need to know about...

Best beauty bloggers - they're our favourite bloggers we never get bored of. Here at the InStyle beauty desk we know better than anyone that there isn’t always time to paw through a seemingly endless list of beauty bloggers on youtube, Instagram, twitter … the list goes on.

Whether we've got ten minutes to spare on the train or we're treating ourselves to a girly night in with a glass of fizz and ice cream for one, we all need a comprehensive list of the best beauty bloggers out there, who we can rely on in any beauty emergency.

So we’ve decided to help you out and narrow down our edit of the best beauty bloggers guiding us through the best makeup, hair and everything else totally enviable.  From industry insider tips and wearable looks for every day, to product recommendations and video tutorials (our winged eyeliner and contouring skills have seriously improved) these beauty bloggers have got you covered.

Here’s our essential rundown of the best beauty blogs you need to bookmark now...


The brainchild of make-up artists Sam and Nicola Chapman (yup, their brother is one half of vlogging power couple Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr), takes a more grown up approach to beauty blogging. From expert tips on the right way to use concealer and interviews with industry experts to new product reviews and what actually happens when you get botox, these girls have got beauty sussed.



2. Lisa Eldridge

Part New Zealander, part scouse, make-up artist Lisa Eldridge has worked with everyone who's anyone. Don't believe us? Check out her YouTube channel trailer packed full of celebs, models, cover shoots and a whole lot of epic beauty looks. If you're big into backstage beauty and couture makeup looks this is the one for you.



3. A Model Recommends

Get the inside scoop on the industry with model Ruth Crilly's beauty and health tips. Demonstrated largely on herself, Ruth's chatty tutorials and pregnancy product reviews are super informative and genuinely helpful.



4. Zoella

If you haven't heard of Zoe Sugg aka Zoella then you're either our parents or you've been living in a hole. Cute as a button, this enterprising 25 year old has over 7 million YouTube subscribers. Yup, you heard us right, 7 MILLION. Needless to say, she's a vlogging powerhouse that's slowly taking over the world.



5. London Beauty Queen

Originally a cosmetics brand manager, London Beauty Queen's Hayley soon took to the internet to let readers know what's hot and what's not in the world of beauty. With a host of awards under her belt and a unique social media angle, this is one for straight talking, 'what does it actually do' beauty fans.


6. ReallyRee

Reading more like a professional website than a home-made blog, ReallyRee is Anne Marie Lodge's beauty baby. But this is anything but a corporate product placement. Self-professed weirdo Lodge's peppy tone and down to earth style are totally endearing. From spending her student loan on YSL to doing interviews with face masks on, ReallyRee is the girl next door blogger who we want to be our new best friend.


7. essie-button

Stunning photography, cute illustrations details and an envy-inducing beautiful face set this blog apart from the rest. Originally from Canada, Estee Lalonde has settled in England and boy are we glad she did. The prettiest website and a totally addictive Instagram make essiebutton the blog we all wish we started.


8. Vivianna Does Makeup

Part of the beauty blogging social stratosphere (she's best friends with Lily Pebbles), Vivianna's minimalist edit of the best new beauty products is totally lust-worthy. And her fitness tips aren't bad either. Filling our feed with amazing recipes and the latest gymwear, we're a little bit obsessed with living vicariously through her Instagram.



9. Hello October

Full-time shopaholic and beauty obsessive Suzie started Hello October as a way to share her latest splurges. Changing a one-off blog post into a full on lifestyle brand, Suzie's plain talking reviews of products and trends are for everyone who loves delving into other people's cupboards.


10. Tanya Burr

The better half of previously mentioned vlogging powerhouse, Tanya Burr is one of the most buzzed about bloggers there is. With a makeup range, a book and one hell of a female following, the only way is up for Tanya. Stay tuned for her upcoming nuptials to Jim Chapman and future world domination.


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