This Genius £3 Gel = Brows That Stay All Day

This Genius £3 Gel = Brows That Stay All Day
Matteo Scarpellini

So you've painstakingly filled in your eyebrows with pencil, only to have the hairs go completely astray by lunchtime. Yes, you need a brow gel, but after forking out a small mortgage for everything else in your eyebrow-building kit, you might not want to have to invest in yet another product that might not even be essential.

Brow gel is necessary - it gives hold, sculpts the right shape, and makes it seem like you have more hairs than you actually do. A clear one is your best friend, as it's guaranteed to match your hair colour and it's not obvious if you apply too much. Unlike pencils and powders, you don't need to spend.


Our top pick is Miss Sporty's Just Clear Mascara, which is only £2.99 and beloved by pretty much anyone who's crossed paths with it. Thandie Newton's makeup artist, Kay Montano, swears by it to "fix and widen" her brows, and that it makes "a huge difference."

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