This £8 Fake Tan Is Genius And Kylie Jenner Agrees

This £8 Fake Tan Is Genius And Kylie Jenner Agrees
Cocoa Brown

As the days get longer and the weather warms up the unmistakable biscuity smell of fake tan begins to linger in the air. Summer is coming, and we need to get our glow on. Fast.

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Where do the A-list turn when they need tan? They go to cult Irish brand Cocoa Brown and her £8 wonder product, One Hour Tanning Mousse. When it was launched in 2012 demand was so high cans of it were selling on eBay for upwards of £50. Now three bottles of Cocoa Brown are sold every minute in Ireland.

Beloved by bloggers and beauty editors and celebrities all over the world. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner count themselves as fans, alongside Millie Mackintosh. Attendees of this year’s Oscars were given Cocoa Brown tans before they hit the red carpet.

Why is it so great? Firstly, it’s practically fool proof. Dispense a blob of the mousse onto your tanning mitt and rub it in until it feels dry. It takes an hour to develop or leave it on overnight and shower in the morning for a deeper colour. There’ll be no streaks on your bed sheets or on your legs. Though exfoliating and moisturising certainly helps the finished look, it’s not essential by any means.

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Then there’s the smell, or rather lack thereof, your definitely won’t smell of weird biscuits.

Finally it’s the ultimate quick fix. When the weather suddenly turns from freezing to double-digit temperatures (as it so often does in the UK) you can be skirt ready in a few hours. No more waiting for the tan to develop, no more layering, it’s the pale and impatient girls best friend.

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