All The Makeup Brushes You Will Ever Need

All The Makeup Brushes You Will Ever Need
Alessandro Zeno

Never underestimate how big a difference the right tools can have on your makeup. With the right brush, your budget foundation can look ten times more expensive, go on smoother and last longer. But the wrong tools can make even the most expensive creams and powders seem blotchy and uneven.

With hundreds of makeup brushes on the market it can be hard to know which brushes you need and what exactly you need them for, so we have rounded up the very best, for all budgets and for all uses. Need the perfect eyeshadow brush set for a smokey eye? We’ve got your back. Want a blush brush that won’t make you look like a clown? Not a problem. Need a contour brush that will give you cheeks like a Kardashian? We’re here for you.

Read on for our edit of the very best makeup brushes.

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