Glossier UK Is Here: These Are The Products You Need To *Add To Basket*

Glossier UK Is Here: These Are The Products You Need To *Add To Basket*

We’ve tried the cult US range so that you know EXACTLY what to snap up when it lands in the UK in October…

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Posted by InStyle UK on Thursday, 5 October 2017


Glossier is the word on everyone in the beauty industry's lips at the moment. Founded in 2014 by Into The Gloss supremo Emily Weiss, the brand was an instant hit thanks to the army of followers who loved the packaging and simple, no-frills concepts.

The launch into the U.K. is set to be equally as successful, with the internet currently alight with blog and Instagram posts lauding the range as well as guides galore on how to use the products. To cut through the confusion, we've taken a few of the bestsellers for a test drive. Here are the ones you need to *add to basket* as soon as Glossier lands later in the year:

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Glossier Cloud Paint

This soft haze of colour is neither greasy nor drying. Thanks to the clever tube packaging, squeezing the colour out is both easy and hygienic because it reduces the bacteria passed from finger to palette. We’d suggest taking a blob around the size of a grain of rice and tapping it onto cheeks, making sure to blend the edges out so that they’re seamless.

Glossier BalmDotcom

Multipurpose balms have been around for years, but this stands out thanks to its emollient but not greasy texture, which makes it a truly multitasking product that can be used on sensitive and delicate skin. The waxy finish isn’t shiny, per se, but slightly reflective and - most importantly - stays put. This means you can also use it as an eyelid balm for a little reflective finish, or as a lip balm/skin salve/moisturiser. Total handbag essential.

Glossier Boy Brow

This pigmented creamy wax comes on a tiny brush to make distribution even and precise. It’s much, much better than most the tinted brow products currently on the market as it doesn’t dispense too much product - or colour - but rather bulks things up a bit. If you only get one thing, make it this.


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