Your Therapy Bucketlist: Things To Try When Nothing Else Works

Your Therapy Bucketlist:  Things To Try When Nothing Else Works

Tired of taking the same old run of the mill painkillers? Worried about what anti-biotics are doing to your insides? Time to go off-piste with your therapy.

Have you ever sat in the queue for the doctor thinking, “There must be another way”?    There is of course no replacement for the brilliance of the UK medical professionals (go Junior doctors, go!) but sometimes, non life-threatening ailments can benefit from some out of the box thinking.

If you’ve got a stress headache but you don’t want to take more painkillers...

TRY:  Ayurvedic Head Massage

Try a more holistic approach to those pesky pressure pains.  The Mauli Rituals Sacred Indian Head Massage (£150, Bvlgari Spa), which combines traditional Indian healing therapies and massage techniques, is a neck, shoulder and scalp treatment (areas that are extremely prone to the build up of stress and tension) and finishes with a pressure point facial massage that supports lymphatic drainage.   The beautiful Mauli Rituals products contain essential oils to boost your mood as well.

If you’re super stressed but don’t want to take Xanax...

TRY: Chakra Healing 

Healing helps to balance the 7 main energy points (or chakras) in the body.  “I treat stress and stress related illnesses all the time” says healer Hayley Newton, who assesses each individual patient to pinpoint the energy point that is out of balance and the realigns it.  “Everyone has a different experience.  Some may feel emotional afterwards, if they need that kind of release, others might feel energised or more centred or grounded.  Some might even get a headache if toxins are released similar to after massage or reflexology.  A lot of people say that they have the best night’s sleep afterwards.” 

Contact @HealerH through The Healing Trust 


If you can’t sleep and you don’t want to take sleeping pills

TRY:  Acupuncture

Although it may not sound soporific, acupuncture can actually help you sleep.  “Acupuncture is brilliant at resetting the endocrine system and the subsequent adrenaline that often keeps us from falling asleep or staying asleep for that matter”  says acupuncturist Ross J. Barr (BScHons, MBAcC).  “Modern day life creates a type of exhaustion and people almost become too tired and adrenalised to switch off.  Acupuncture is great for balancing your physiology and giving you natural deep sleep that makes you feel replenished or normal again, not the drug induced coma that sleeping pills will give you”


If you want to get a better workout but you’re tired of pumping iron in the gym

TRY:  Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais method was invented by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer and physicist as well as a Judo teacher.  It’s an educational treatment that focuses on the connection between the brain and the muscles, teaching your body to move better and more freely.  It can be used to improve your existing exercise (it’s incredible for yoga and danceand is used by ski and surf instructors) as well as rehabilitating muscular injury.  The Method can permanently improve posture, balance and coordination and classes can be taken individually or in groups.

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