The Secret Behind Adele’s Eye Make-up: Pixiwoo Have The Lowdown On Smokey Eyes

The Secret Behind Adele’s Eye Make-up:  Pixiwoo Have The Lowdown On Smokey Eyes

We sat down with Youtubing duo Pixiwoo and quizzed them on their most asked for smokey eye tutorial and guess who it was…?

Youtubing royalty Pixiwoo are known for their incredible make-up versatility on camera.  We’ve seen Nic and Sam transform themselves into everyone from Pamela Anderson to Angelina Jolie and Kendall Jenner but when I sat down with them to talk about smokey eyes, they told me that it was one particular star at the moment who got the most requests from viewers; Adele.

Although initially you might think that everything Kardashian would be top of the request list, Adele is quite a Beauty #Pin. She is rarely seen without her signature smokey feline eye and top tier false lashes, plus have you seen that Rolling Stone Cover??  WOW. 

So, Sam & Nic, who does the best smokey eye out of the both of you?

Sam: We do a different smokey eye, that’s for sure. Nic’s are always much cleaner, much more done.  She has perfected the Kardashian smokey eye. I like anything that looks a little bit distressed and a little bit rocky.

Nic: And I always do a lot underneath my eyes, which you don’t as much.  Sam has, a slightly sexier eye than me, whereas mine are a bit wider.  I normally go for autumnal colours, and Sam goes for darker, more gunmetal kind of colours.

But in a life or death situation, who would do the smokey eye and who would do the lip?

Nic: I’d do the eye and Sam would do the lip.

What’s the most asked for smokey eye video?

Sam: We get asked all the time to do Adele.


And what exactly is the Adele smokey eye?

Sam: It’s a really heavy thick liner and something like MAC Eyeshadow in Brulee and Wedge blended through the socket line.

Nic: I think people don’t realise there are so many different smokey eyes.

Sam: If we did a Kylie Jenner, it would get hundreds and thousands of hits, but you can’t do Kylie Jenner every week. So it’s finding similar ways to do similar make up but with our individual taste. Nic tends to do the more commercially popular looks, and I tend to do the ones that aren’t.


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Can a smokey eye ever be complete without mascara?

Nic: I don’t think so. I think maybe for fashion week it looks great, but they’re supermodels, do you know what I mean? They’re all gorgeous, but I think on Joe Public, no.

Sam, do you agree?

Sam: Yes, 100 per cent. In terms of mascara, I just think, I think black mascara is an absolute essential.  I almost always use black, I have been known to go burgundy from time to time, but I think black really frames the eyes.

What would be the smokey eye you’d do in the back of a taxi?

Nic: One colour, all over. I’d probably use a By Terry pencil Ombre Black Star in Brown perfection.

Sam: It’s a crayon, twist up, eyeshadow stick.

Nic & Sam have their own brush range Real Techniques which are perfect for crafting your Adele smokey eye. 


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