5 Hairstyles To Get You Through The Working Week

5 Hairstyles To Get You Through The Working Week

Early mornings aren’t the best time to decide what to do with your hair, we’d rather have the extra time in bed. So what if you had a set menu of styles for each week to pick from and you could, quite literally, rinse and repeat? Here’s what.

You got a good night’s sleep last night and the whole week is stretching ahead of you. Charge into that Monday morning meeting with a do that says no-nonsense neatness. Start the week as you mean to go on - totes profesh. No matter your usual parting or if you’ve got a fringe or layers (they can be tucked away), an extreme side parting can be created on anyone.
1. Arm yourself with a pintail comb (or just use the end of a pencil) to create a perfectly straight parting line.
2. Slide a straightening or smoothing serum from your mid-lengths to ends to combat flyaways and gain some control.
3. Pull hair low and backwards towards the nape of your neck, then holding it taught, twist into a simple ballet bun and secure with a hair elastic and additional pins if needed.
ONE PRODUCT TO WORK IT: Tigi S-Factor Silky Smooth Moisturise Serum, £11.15
TIME CHECK: 8 minutes

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Heidi hi! The perfect style to brighten up possibly the most boring day of the week. If you’re not up for the full-on Scandi set-up, there’s always the option to wind the plaits around each other at the back of your head for a subtler look.
1. Make two ear-level plaits either side of your head and tie with clear hair elastics.
2. Pull the left plait over your head and secure behind your right ear, then do the mirror with the right one, pinning behind your left ear.
3. Tuck in the ends, concealing them under the plaits.
ONE PRODUCT TO WORK IT: Percy & Reed Tools of the Trade Accessories Wrap, £15.
TIME CHECK: 6 minutes

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The cheat’s guide to hair that looks even better when you haven’t washed it for a day or so. This is a maximum results for minimal effort kinda do.
1. Flip your head upside down and pull all your hair atop your head.
2. Twist into a bun and secure with a hair elastic but keep it as ‘undone’ as possible
3. Go round loosening up random sections to give a more roughed up feel. A slick of matte red lipstick will also make this super cool.
ONE PRODUCT TO WORK IT: VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray, £3.14
TIME CHECK: 3 minutes

Hello day-to-night do! This is your glam look to last into after work drinks and beyond. If possible, wash your hair the night before to give it a night’s pillow action for some genuine bedhead texture, also it’ll leave you a bit more time in the morning.
1. Split hair into four or five sections, top half, bottom half and then two sides.
2. Wind sections one by one around a heated wand, keeping the ends out.
3. Tip your head back and rub your scalp to give it volume.
ONE PRODUCT TO WORK IT: Any heated wand (I love my Trevor Sorbie Keratin + Argan Magnetic Multi-Wand, £69.99)
TIME CHECK: 23 mins

So guessing you went out last night and are feeling none too fresh this morning? The whole idea of this look is to rework yesterday’s style in record time and zero effort.
1. Brush out last night’s waves so hair has a fluffy, light texture.
2. Spray dry shampoo into your roots all over and work it in (your hair will likely be massive) - you want a matte texture.
3. Pull hair back to your crown and tie tightly with an elastic band, then wrap a small section of hand around the band to conceal it and pin underneath with a Kirby grip.
ONE PRODUCT TO WORK IT: Batiste Dry Shampoo, £2.99 (and lots of it)
TIME CHECK: 11 mins

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