5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See Ricky Gervais Host The Golden Globes 2016

5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To See Ricky Gervais Host The Golden Globes 2016

And some of his best bits...

He thought it was all over. He even went so far as to say, ‘I guarantee they won’t invite me back’. But there is a god, because this year Ricky Gervais returns to host the Golden Globes. Or as we call it, ‘brace yourself if you’ve had any surgery and you’re sitting in the front row.’  

So our boy is back and this time its personal. Well, let’s face it, every time it’s personal. Will we be seeing a slightly more restrained Ricky after his previous controversies? Will we hell. 'Because I can see the future, I'd like to apologise now for the things I said at next week's Golden Globes,' he tweeted on January 1. 'I was drunk & didn't give a f---.' Oh Ricky.

Here’s why we just love the man who the phrase No F**** given was invented for...

1. He makes us strangely proud to be British. Sort of ‘Andy-Murray-match-point-at Wimbledon’ proud. Ok we may not have Rodeo Drive teeth. And we may sound a bit like Alan Partridge when we try and say words like ‘rad’ and ‘man’. We are so not cool. But blimey we’re funny. In a totally non obnoxious, super classy way. 

2. It’s probably the only time you’ll ever see a man from Reading stand up in a room filled with the most famous people in the world and tell them they’re a bunch of overpaid, over praised asshats.

3. He doesn’t sip occasionally at a sponsored bottled water throughout, he knocks back half a pint of lager throughout the show. That’s right. The host of the Golden Globes has a rider of - a half of lager. How brilliantly regional local pub. And as he honestly admitted himself this year, ‘If I didn’t drink I wouldn’t be brave enough to say some of the things I’m going to say’. 

4. He gives us a totally priceless gift every year – getting to laugh at the rich famous and powerful– which reminds us of that feeling of raw elation when you get to throw a custard pie in your Maths teacher’s face on Red Nose Day.

5. Refusing to kiss ass on that scale is almost a super power. No one gets special treatment from RG, in fact the more famous you are the rougher your ride. As he says, ‘Do I pander to the 200 people in the room or the 200 million watching at home? No contest.’

And here are some of his best bits...

‘One steroetype I hate is that all Irishmen are just drunk, sweary hell raisers. Please welcome, Colin Farrell’

‘It’s going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking – or as Charlie Sheen calls it – breakfast.’

‘Nothing for Sex and the City 2 – I was sure the award for special effects would go to the team that airbrushed that poster’

‘I like a drink as much as the next man. Unless the next man is Mel Gibson/

‘It seems like everything this year was three dimensional – expect the characters in the Tourist’

‘Looking at all the wonderful faces here today reminds me of the great work that’s been done this year – by cosmetics surgeons’

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