A 500ft Red Carpet & 2400 Bottles Of Bubbly: The Oscars In Numbers

A 500ft Red Carpet & 2400 Bottles Of Bubbly: The Oscars In Numbers

We can’t tell you who’s going to win, but we can break down what they're eating, how they're travelling and the pricey dresses they're wearing - this is the Oscars in numbers

1. The Oscars was first televised in 1953, with 2,947 awards presented since 1929.

2. The longest Oscars show was a bum-numbing 4 hours and 23 minutes long, in 2002.

3. The Oscar statue weighs 3.6kg, and it takes 3-4 weeks to make all 50 statuettes.

4. Celebrities will walk down 500 feet of red carpet, posing for 63 photographers. 

5. The highest number of Oscars for a single film goes to Titanic, with 11 wins and 14 nominations.

6. Although eternal Best Actor hopeful Leonardo DiCaprio has been on screen for 3,504 minutes without picking up an Oscar, even with 6 nominations, as GlobalWatchShop tallied up.

7. The record number of Oscar nominations for a single actor or actress goes to Meryl Streep, with 19 nods and 3 wins.

8. Katherine Hepburn landed the most number of Oscars, with 4 wins.

9. The most expensive dress ever worn? Lupita Nyong’o’s 2015 $150,000 pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein gown (which was stolen, and then returned, after the show) 

10. More than 1,000 limos were hired for the Oscars in 2015. They start picking the A-list up at 8am, and finish at 4am the next day. 

11. Awards speeches tend to be three times longer than the new time limit of 45 seconds - we're interested to see how this is going to work...

12. The youngest winner was 10-year-old Tatum O’Neal, who bagged the Best Supporting Actress award in 1973 for Paper Moon. The oldest winner, 82-year-old Christopher Plummer, took home the statuette for 2011’s Beginners.

13. Brit actors are more likely to pick up the Best Actor prize, with only 1 of the last 5 winners hailing from the USA, according to Bwin.

14. 73% of Best Actor winners since 2000 have been 'goodies', so if you ruffled a few feathers on-screen, those chances of winning are a lot lower. 

15. 60% of Best Actor winners have landed their nod through a biopic since 2000.

16. According to Lyst.com’s mathematical fashion formula, Brie Larson is 42% more likely to pick up her Best Actress statue by wearing a blush Gucci gown, while Tom Hardy will up his chances by wearing a navy Burberry tux.

17. Female Oscar winners are usually 6 years younger than their male equivalents, but need double the amount of nominations to take home the award.

18. 1,500 guests will head to the post-ceremony Governor’s Ball, tucking into 2,000 mini-burgers, 500 lobsters, 40 king crabs, 35 wild salmon and a few thousand mini doughnuts, served by 900 members of staff.  

19. Guests will also chow down on 5,000 miniature chocolate Oscars, covered in 24-carat gold.

20. To wash it down, Leo and co. will be drinking 2,400 bottles of champagne and 2,700 bottles of wine. There’ll also be 100 bottles of David Beckham’s Haig Club whiskey.

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