An Oscars Red Carpet Retrospective: The Best Actress Dresses Through The Years

An Oscars Red Carpet Retrospective: The Best Actress Dresses Through The Years

Whether you’re a film fan, you like to be on #dresswatch or your just intensely nervous for Leo’s potential win, you can’t fight it – Oscars fever gets us all…

When you think of Oscars dresses, there's a few that spring to mind; J-Law’s white Dior dress – which we remember for her first of 358789 red carpet falls, Halle Berry’s sassy Elie Saab, Gwyneth Paltrow’s strappy pink Ralph Lauren… Then things get a little hazier.

Do you remember the classics worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Christie and Audrey Hepburn? Nope, but now they’re all in one place for us to peruse… Courtesy of Big Group who’ve created an infographic of every winner of the Best Actress Academy Award ever – from 1929 to now.

And hells, they’re excellent… Here are seven memorable Oscar dresses - the watershed looks we should never forget:

1)   Barbra Streisand’s 1969 Arnold Scaasi

Why everyone’s still freaking in 2015 when a celeb steps out in something sheer, when Barbs was doing it 46 years earlier.

2)   Audrey Hepburn’s 1953 Givenchy

Just because…

3)   Jane Fonda’s 1972 Yves Saint Laurent

The first (Yves) Saint Laurent red carpet suit.

4)   Janet Gaynor’s 1928 ‘Off The Rack’ Dress

The first EVER Oscars red carpet dress…

5)   Ginger Roger’s 1941 Irene Gibbons

A classic sheer, underwear as outerwear look, just from 75 years ago… #NDB

6)   Helen Hayes’ 1932 Dress

The very first black dress on a Best Actress winner.

7)   Joanne Woodward’s 1958 Dress

She MADE HER OWN… Can you imagine?

Can we predict who’s going to win at the 2016 Academy Awards based on their dress choice, like some are saying? We reckon watching the films is probably a better indicator (though no-one’s ever one a Best Actor gong in a mini dress, just FYI)…

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