Behold The Man Glam At The Grammys 2016

Behold The Man Glam At The Grammys 2016

Now we know the secret to Justin Bieber’s youthful glow. The unlikely grooming muse shows the boys how it's done...

We’re renaming The Grammys the Groomies. This year it was all about man glam with the guys going big on red carpet prep. Justin Bieber led the way with a selfie showing off his sheet mask ritual and LL Cool J nailed his top-to-toe makeover with a man-icure.

‘Instagram posts like LL Cool J’s are a bit of a wake-up call to say spa treatments are masculine and cool for the modern gent,’ says Brendan Murdoch, founder of Murdoch London grooming.

‘In cities like London, LA and NYC, manis and cleansing facials are commonplace amongst men – A-list or otherwise.’

Is your guy taking up more time in the bathroom than you? These Grammy metrosexuals might be to blame…

JUSTIN BIEBER – the sheet masker

So now we know the secret to Bieb’s baby-faced appearance. He’s an out-and-proud sheet mask fan. Justin looked pretty elated about the mask’s cooling effects in his pre-Grammy selfie, posted hours before hitting the carpet with his little brother Jaxon. 

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LL COOL J – the man-i addict

‘No polish, just cleaned and clipped,’ LL Cool J confirmed in his mani-gram. The star kicked back in a hoodie and shades to have his nails preened ahead of Grammy night.

He may have ditched the nude pink lacquer but we bet he had impressive cuticles for the red carpet.

JAMES BAY – the hair goals

Soz Jared Leto, you may have lost your hair crown. James got A LOT of Grammy love on social media for that just-got-out-of-bed textured mane. Next time: less hat, more hair please.

The 'Let It Go' star also posted a pre-performance Insta: ‘sitting, plucking, playing, listening, waiting ETC’. His backstage regime didn't stretch to any eyebrow action; he was plucking his guitar...

PHARRELL WILLIAMS – the colour creative

Meet blondie Pharrell. The singer hit the bleach back in December but kept his hair secret under his hat, literally.

Pharrell chose to debut his big blonde moment on The Grammys red carpet. And what better way to colour match your new crop than with a Chanel tweed jacket? We like your style, Pharrell. 


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