From Adele’s Middle Finger To Kylie’s Bum, 13 Of The Craziest Brits Moments Ever

From Adele’s Middle Finger To Kylie’s Bum, 13 Of The Craziest Brits Moments Ever

The Brit Awards are known as the rowdiest ceremony of them all, but these moments take the crown. We look back at 13 of the craziest Brits moments of all time

The Brit Awards are BACK, and with Bieber, Adele and Rihanna on the bill, 2016 might just be the wildest year yet. But can tonight rival these Brits best bits?!

1. Madonna Getting Strangled By Her Cape, 2015
Poor Madonna… in her big comeback performance at the Brit Awards 2015, she had a major wardrobe malfunction with her Armani cape. In her own words: “I had two choices, I could either be strangled or fall, and I chose to fall…”. Watch the #awks moment below. 

2. Arctic Monkeys’ Mic-Drop Speech, 2014
So rock’n’roll… Alex Turner accepted the Best Album Award with this speech, which talked about the “cyclical nature” of the industry and “smashing the glass ceiling”. It’s safe to say Alex had a bit to drink that night…

3. Kate Moss Dons David Bowie’s Playsuit, 2014
David Bowie was honoured for first time in 18 years at the 2014 Brit awards, but sent good friend Kate Moss to pick it up on his behalf. Not only did she wear one of Ziggy’s most famous outfits, she also had a little something to say about the Scottish referendum.  

4. Nobody Puts Adele In The Corner, 2014
Oh no James Corden… The presenter felt the wrath of Adele’s middle finger when he was forced to cut her acceptance speech short two years ago. The move did not go down well…

5. Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack Minidress, 1997
Did you know this iconic outfit made its debut at the 1997 Brit Awards?! Geri was actually supposed to wear a black Gucci minidress, but stitched a Union Jack tea-towel to the front as a “patriotic gesture”.

6. Alexander McQueen Presents An Award To Björk, 1998
Remember this?! Alexander McQueen popped on stage to present the Best International Female Award to Björk, even making out with his muse Honor Fraser on stage.

7. Oasis, 2010, 2000, 1996…
The Gallagher brothers and the Brit Awards have a tumultuous history, with trophies, mics and even punches being thrown over the years. There was that time Robbie Williams challenged Liam to a boxing match, and Liam threw the microphone in the crowd… The list goes on.

8. Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue, 2003
A whole year before that racy Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson, Justin was raising the temperature with a steamy duet with Kylie Minogue. Singing Blondie’s Rapture, Justin grabs a handful of Kylie’s famous bum. Watch it below.

9. Joss Stone’s Changing Accent, 2007
Joss Stone’s 2007 Brit Awards get-up was enough to get us talking, but it was her accent that had us confused. The Devon-born soul singer came out with an American drawl when presenting the award for Best British Male. 

10. Adele’s Tearful Performance, 2011
Back with her second album, 21, Adele sang a piano-only version of Someone Like You and ended up in tears – aww! The performance sky-rocketed sales of both 19 and 21, and helped to make Adele the superstar she is today.  

11. Sharon Osbourne Gets Sweary, 2008
The family isn’t exactly known for being clean-cut, but Sharon Osbourne littered the 2008 Brit Awards with four-letter words, especially when Vic Reeves struggled to present the award for Best Album (spoiler alert: she called him a p*sshead).

12. Cheryl Performs Fight For This Love, 2010
After the pretty public breakdown of her marriage to Ashley Cole, Cheryl stormed the 2016 Brit Awards with this performance of Fight For This Love – we’re now crushing on white trenches.

13. Jarvis Cocker Wiggles His Bum At Michael Jackson, 1996
During Jackson’s Earth Song performance, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker protested at Jackson seeing himself as a “Christ like figure” by wiggling his bum in his direction. Yes, really.

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