Golden Globes 2016: The After Party Pics You'll Want To See

Golden Globes 2016: The After Party Pics You'll Want To See
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Ceremony over, it's time for the stars to let their hair down. Here's what they got up to at this year's Golden Globes after parties…

With the Golden Globes over for another year the stars are (finally) able to let their hair down and decamp to one of Hollywood's many glittering post-awards bashes.

After being on their best behaviour during the three-hour event - held at LA's iconic Beverly Hilton - the biggest names in the business are whisked off to their choice of super-glam parties, with some attending two, three, or even four different venues over the course of the evening.

So which are the Golden Globes after parties of choice? Our friends over at US InStyle held one of the most celeb-filled events of the evening, with Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Brie Larson and Kate Bosworth all in attendance. Meanwhile, it was wall-to-wall A-listers at the Weinstein and Netflix annual bash.

Plenty of famous faces were also in on hand at the NBC Universal, Paramount and HBO parties, while others headed off into the Hollywood hills for private parties thrown at home.

So what REALLY goes on behind closed doors? First and foremost, it's a chance for the stars to let their hair down. Once the cameras stop rolling, they can finally relax and enjoy their evening. If they've won an award, there will be congratulations non-stop and plenty of movie execs to meet and greet… and if not, there will be champagne flowing to drown their sorrows.

During the evening, Eddie Redmayne and pregnant wife Hannah Bagshawe were spied catching up with Eddie's Danish Girl co-star Alicia Vikander, Kate Hudson larked around on the red carpet with Alan Cumming, and Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner took a quick break mid red carpet to stop for a selfie.

Here's what the stars got up to after the lights went down at this year's Golden Globes…

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