Cute Kids Re-Enact Oscar Nominated Films, And They’re Amazing

Cute Kids Re-Enact Oscar Nominated Films, And They’re Amazing

Oscar nominees might have been a bit dark and depressing this year, but these kids have a pretty cute take on 2016’s box office smashes

The Oscars are over for another year, but we still can't get over these cute kids taking on last night's big winners! Whether you’ve seen none or all of 2016’s biggest films, you definitely need to see these cute kids take on scenes from the silver screen.

Don’t Call Me Oscar is an annual Instagram project by the Storino family, who dress up their kids in hilarious similar costumes to the year’s biggest box office successes. The Revenant? Complete with horse cuddle toy. Brooklyn? We’re into those sassy shades.

5-year-old Sophie, 3-year-old Sadie and 8-month-old Sloane feature on the Storino Don’t Call Me Oscar Instagram page, and have been at it for the past five years (well, since Sophie was born anyway), so scroll back through the page for more Insta-gold from 2010. But for now, catch up on your Oscar Best Picture winners and nominees, as re-enacted by kids…

The Revenant
Sophia takes on Leonardo DiCaprio, riding a toy horse and wearing a de-stuffed teddy bear draped over her head. 

Cuuute! The Storino kids pose in front of a cloud-printed cardboard wall, gazing at each other with love in their eyes. Aww. 

The Martian
Sloane might only be eight months old, but he’s already played a struggling astronaut in outer space. It’s actually made out of socks, a onesie  and a hot glue gun…

Mad Max: Fury Road
Clearly, the Storinos had to call in recruits for this shot. Sophia’s friends bought their toy transportation along for this intimidating and atmospheric shot – our favourite is the red and yellow car of our childhood.  

The Big Short
Sophia is rocking that suit and tie – although it looks like she might trip over it if she’s not careful… We’re loving the highly authentic Jenga set, too.

First of all, can we complement Sadie’s outfit?! That look just hit the top of our spring wishlist, and we’re copying that pose, too.

Hmm, maybe not the best film to have to recreate considering its sensitive content, but good job Sophia. There’s that oversized suit look again. 

Bridge Of Spies
Again with the supersize suit! Sophia is getting into her groove, clearly. We wouldn’t want to mess with her in this picture – lucky that playphone is nearby in case things get nasty.

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